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Chinese Jewelry has been developed for a long period


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China has a long history of jewelry development, according to the existing discoveries and ancient records. The origin of jewelry development in China can be traced back to the Paleolithic period. During the thousands of years of changes, with the development of productivity and the progress of people’s aesthetic consciousness, the production of jewelry also had a continuous process of progress and development. At the same time, jewelry has been given more symbolic meaning of wealth and status in its properties. Jewelrykg

The word jewelry in China can be found in the ancient times, such as “Hou Han Shu. The next book of public opinion and clothing: “Seeing that birds and animals have the system of crown and horn, they made the crown and tassel (sound: pui), as jewelry.” Also: “Qin Xiong vassal, is added to its military jewelry for the descending Komao, to show the nobility.” Cao Zhi’s “Luo Shen Fu”: “Wearing the jewelry of gold and cui.” In the beginning, jewelry only meant “ornaments worn on the head”. The Book of Han. Wang Mang mentioned that “the mother of a hundred years old and the son of a child were cut off at the same time, but the head was at the end of the pole, the jewels were in the ears, and the jewelry still existed, so if this is the plan, it is not just a prize! The poet Chen Ziang of the Tang Dynasty also mentioned in his poem “A Sensational Encounter” (II-III), “Charming and beautiful jewelry, prospering and rotten brocade coverlet.” Guan Hanqing’s “Jade Mirror Terrace” of the Yuan Dynasty also states that jewelry refers to the ornaments worn on the head, “There are infinite embroideries and pearls in the cabinet, but I can hook you up with some jewelry.” So it is not difficult to understand the origin of the word “jewelry”. And as the variety of jewelry becomes more and more numerous, jewelry began to refer to earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and other accessories. Dream of the Red Chamber”, Ninth Second Round: “Saying that, he pulled out a box of gold beads and jewelry from his bosom.” After understanding the literal meaning of jewelry, let’s go into the history of Chinese jewelry development.

In 1930, Chinese scholars discovered a cave site of late Paleolithic man in the “Peak Cave” on top of the keel of Zhoukoudian in Beijing, where there were not only fossilized bones representing eight different individuals, but also many perforated ornaments. These pierced ornaments can be regarded as the most primitive “jewelry” found in China, and many of these “jewelry” pieces are colored red with hematite. These ornaments have a very distinctive feature: they are smooth, regular, small and beautiful. From the material, form and combination of ornaments also have some characteristics. Such as low hardness of the material, close to the material prototype of the simple processing form, and the same shape of repeated combinations. Although these are only the simple processing of natural objects, the selection of materials and the polishing and compound use of jewelry show that people have begun to pay attention to some special materials in nature and use them to dress themselves. This is the origin of people’s understanding and use of jewelry. 

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