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Car Insurance Policy

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Car Insurance Policy

Car Insurance:

Generally, it is a contract between you and the general insurance company. The insurance company promises to protect the car owner from any financial losses. These losses can be occurred due to an unfortunate event involving his/her vehicle.

However, it depends on the scope of coverage a car owner wants. There are three main types of car insurance policies. These policies include Third-Party Car Insurance, Standalone Own-Damage Car Insurance, and Comprehensive Car Insurance. Car Insurance in Pakistan.

Note: in order to avail of these policies, continue, the car insurance renewal should be processed on time by the policyholder.

How can I check my car insurance status? Let’s learn.

Having car insurance is essential. Your car insurance provides a layer of protection against the uncertainties of the road. However, it is very important for every policyholder to keep in mind the status of their car insurance.

Every insurance has an expiry date, most are needed to be renewed on an annual basis. Additionally, an expired policy may cause you heavy fines. So, you need to check the status of your car insurance policy.

In order to check if your car is still insured or not about other details. Moreover, there are varieties of ways to check the status of your car insurance policy.

Checking Insurance Policy Status Online

Following are some ways by which you can check the status of your car insurance policy:

Insurance Information Bureau:

You can check your car insurance policy online by visiting the website IIB (Insurance Information Bureau). Following are the steps of IIB:

  • Visit the IIB website
  • You need to enter details as required
  • Enter on click button
  • You may be able to view policy details as these details will now be available to you
  • In case you are unable to view any information, try to search your vehicle by name or by number.

Option 3: QR Code

You can check your car insurance status via QR code. This is the simplest way of checking your status for your car insurance. Insurance regulatory has made it mandatory for every car insurance policy to have its corresponding QR code. Moreover, you can use your smartphone to scan the QR code and view all the relevant details.

In case the online option is not available to you, you may check the status of your insured vehicle by visiting the Insurance regulatory office. Additionally, you need to provide your vehicle registration number if required.


There are various ways of checking the status of your car insurance policy, you may check by using online forums or by using the QR code method. However, by knowing the relevant steps for each process. As time moves on, it is made simple and accessible to you.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember the expiry date of your car insurance policy. you need to make sure to set a reminder. Hence, the insurer provides their customer with a grace period. However, you may renew your insurance within 90 days after the expiry.

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