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Can I Prevent Hearing Loss?

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Yes, you can prevent hearing loss. Since many are suffering from the problem of hearing loss. Others are trying hard to avoid this problem. As per the estimates of WHO, globally 1.5 billion people live with hearing loss. Out of which 1.1 billion people are facing this issue due to unsafe hearing practices. Thus, they need hearing aids to rectify the auditory problems due to loud noise. Anything above 70 dB (70 Decibels) for a long duration can damage your ears.

However, hearing machines can play a crucial role in preventing hearing loss. If not, they will stop further damage to your ears. But, many want to prevent hearing loss even before it happens. However, it is not easy to prevent hearing loss.

You are required to know the 7 best ways to improve your hearing given here:

  • Avoid Loud Noises
  • Do Not Smoke
  • Be aware of excessive wax buildup
  • Don’t use cotton swabs
  • Consume Vitamins For Better Hearing
  • Regular Hearing Screenings
  • Use Best Hearing Aids

Avoid Loud Noise

In this era, almost every person is exposed to loud noises. These noises are bad for the health of your ears. Loud noise is extremely harmful to your inner ears, cochlea. Exposure to loud sounds for a long time can cause hearing loss problems. In the inner ear, loud noise can cause damage. Listening to loud noises for a long time can cause cells in your ears to die.

This situation can lead to the worsening of your hearing situation. If your ears are even out of the exposure to loud sound, the harmful effect will stay. If there is any damage to your auditory neural system, it is generally permanent. Thus, you can prevent hearing loss by avoiding loud sounds.

Do Not Smoke

As per recent studies, smokers are 70% more likely to develop hearing loss. The greater your smoking, the greater the risk of losing your hearing power. Thus, it would be a prudent step to quit smoking now. Do you know that mothers who smoke during pregnancy make their babies prone to the problem of speech and hearing? If you are also smoking a lot, it is the best time for a hearing test. Those who are working in a noisy environment and smoking a lot are most prone to hearing loss.

Smoking impacts blood pressure. Now, you must be wondering what blood pressure has to do with my ears. Well, it has a lot to do. Confused? Let me tell you how. There is a structure in your inner ear that depends on constant blood flow. When this changes, it directly impacts your inner ears.

Be aware of Excessive Wax Buildup

The human body creates earwax for the protection of our ears. Earwax has both antibacterial and lubrication properties. Our body keeps on creating this earwax through dead skin cells and hair and most of the time old earwax moves out through the ear. But, in some cases, there is excessive wax buildup.

In this case, there is a blockage in the ear that impacts the hearing capability. Here, you need to use a hearing machine to improve your hearing capability. However, if you leave this untreated then this condition will turn from bad to worse. An extra buildup of earwax can also result in larger consequences because it also prevents a health practitioner or a doctor from properly seeing inside your ears.

Stop using Cotton Swabs

In the earlier point in which we would know that excessive wax buildup in ears is bad. Here, we will discuss the usage of cotton swabs. Using these swabs for your body is good. But, they shouldn’t be used for cleaning ears. These swabs act as a tool to push your ear wax deeper. It creates a blockage.

This blockage is the major reason that affects your hearing capability. It can also damage many sensitive parts behind the ear canal. Not only hearing loss can also be the reason for getting facial paralysis. Moreover, it could be the main reason for puncturing your eardrums.

Take Vitamins for Hearing

Some researchers discovered that some vitamins can boost your hearing power. This is especially true when you have hearing difficulty due to loud noise. Vitamin A, C & E  with magnesium can help. This is a great way to keep hearing power from getting affected due to damage from loud noise.

Moreover, using folic acid is also helpful to keep hearing power away from getting deteriorated. Folic acid helps when hearing loss is due to old age. There is no magic food to make your hearing power intact. But, you can use some foods to improve your intake of vitamin A, C & E.

Go For Regular Hearing Screenings

Today, there is a growing concern among people about the health of their ears. Thus, they are taking every possible precaution for it. Many doctors recommend getting a hearing test after every few months. This helps you to know the status of your ears and detect any hearing issues at an early age.

This hearing test can either be for adults or for kids. A hearing test measures your hearing power and how well you are able to hear. If any problem is detected, the audiologist will recommend the proper way to treat it. There are many types of hearing tests and among them and among them a pure-tone test is the most common one.

Use Top-Notch Hearing Aids

A pro tip for you to prevent hearing loss is the use of the best hearing aids. Using these hearing machines will help you to hear better and clearer. A few years ago, purchasing a feature-rich hearing machine was costly. Now, you are only required to spend a few bucks and you will get a suitable and modern hearing aid.

These are made by keeping in mind your hearing needs. Most of them can be customized based on your auditory requirements. These machines will help you to prevent hearing loss. They will amplify the sound for you. They are designed to protect your eardrums from further damage.


We have seen 7 ways to prevent hearing loss for. You can follow any one or all of the above-given tips to protect your hearing capacity. Following these tips will help you improve the quality of your life. Among them, the last tip for using the best hearing aids is the most efficient one. Use the digital hearing aids of the best hearing aids providers in India. Protect your ears and do not lose hearing power from the world-class hearing aid centre in Noida provided by HEARSOUND HEARING. This is a great company to buy hearing aids at an affordable price.

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