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Can couples lead a normal life without enjoying physical intimacy?

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Sex, a form of love making where two bodies die a painful death for a minute only to experience the bliss of becoming one. It is the bliss of reaching to the higher world holding each other’s hand and then, coming back to the earth, coming back to the life.

Where spiritual gurus such as Osho consider sex to be a tunnel, passing through which people find their super consciousness or attain higher level of spirituality, there are other cultures and religions too that associate sex with shame and consider indulgence in sex a sin.

On the other hand, psychologists claim that a healthy intercourse helps couple develop love, comfort, warmth and safety in their relationship. Whereas scientists say that sexual intercourse is more than a regular activity, hormonal discharge and short moments of pleasure. It is immensely beneficial for one’s health and lack of sex or sex abstinence can leave negative repercussions on health.

Males who remain deprived from a healthy intercourse due to a medical condition called soft erection can rely on Kamagra online UK to feel potent and enjoy a healthy lovemaking session.

Here Are the Reasons Why To Say No To Sex Abstinence:

  • Good quality sex has always been associate with a fine balance of mental and emotional health.
  • Likewise, sex abstinence has been get to be the culprit of anxiety, paranoia and depression.
  • It is because during lovemaking the brain releases endorphin that makes one experience state of euphoria and decreases stress.

A study conducted in University of Belfast, confirmed that regular sex increases lifespan. It was also discovered that people who had lesser and infrequent orgasms had 50% more death rate. On the other hand, people who had more frequent orgasms had 50% less death rate than those who didn’t have regular orgasms.

Sex works great as a pain reliever. Before orgasm, level of oxytocin’s level rises which further releases endorphins, which is a natural painkiller, headache & migraine pain reliever. Thus, sex works better than valium.

How to Say No To Sex Abstinence?

To say no to sex abstinence, first try to understand the causes behind it. Most of the time, it has been get lower libido, stress and poor quality of erection are the common causes of sex abstinence. For increasing sexual desires, one must bring change in their lifestyle, do regular exercise, eat healthy, low fat food, limit alcohol consumption and treat disorders that are causing loss in sex.

Improve stamina and physical intimacy with Caverta UK

Further, for treating flaccid one may take help of popular ED medications such as Caverta 100 UK. But, it must be remember that these medicines just provide body with energy to have stronger and healthier erections in response to sexual stimulations.

This medication has been prepare with a powerful ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate which eases the flow of blood to the male genitalia and assures a strong and long enduring erection to males for a pleasurable and passionate intercourse. A single pill out to be grab by males prior to the plan physical intimacy. Its onset starts within 40 minutes after its ingestion and its keeps men firm and vibrant for the next 4-6 hours.  Men can utilize this time duration to indulge in multiple love making sessions and physical intimacy.



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