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Blue Dream Strain Review – Science & History

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Blue Dream Strain

Whether you are a recreational user or need cannabis for medical purposes, you might have heard about the Blue Dream strain. This is one of the top-selling strains globally and for a good reason. However, with so many types of cannabis strains worldwide, you might be wondering what makes this strain special. This article will further learn the history of the Blue Dream strain and why it became this popular.

A brief history

The Blue Dream strain comes from California, often called the cannabis capital of the world. This strain was first circulated in Santa Cruz sometime around 2003. Since then, this plant has quickly spread all over USA and Canada, and now the world. However, this is not a pure strain. Instead, it is a hybrid between the Sativa strain, Super Silver Haze, and the Indica strain DJ Short’s Blueberry.

Super Silver Haze was an already famous strain during the making of Blue dream and is itself a hybrid. It has narrow perky leaves, resulting from its South-East Asian lineage. On the other hand, DJ Short’s Blueberry is a pure Indica strain, most likely featuring Central Asian heritage. In addition, DJ short’s Blueberry has a broad leaf structure, unlike the Super Silver Haze plants.

There is a common misconception that the terms Indica and Sativa tell you the properties and effects of the strain. Instead, the herb’s status has all the information about the plant’s lineage and growth patterns. The main reason why Blue Dream has quickly picked up fame in this community is because of its easy and quick yield.

A general Blue Dream plant can overgrow in different conditions and produce 22 ounces per plant. This became a profitable exchange for the cultivators without losing out on the quality and effects of the plant.

Effects of Blue Dream

The fact that it is profitable for the cultivators made it popular amongst the sellers. However, the users like it because of the mellow yet strong psychoactive experience. It makes this strain perfect for all kinds of users.

Even though most cannabis sites describe Blue Dream as the perfect hybrid that offers uplifting and happy effects, users usually cannot separate the experience from its chemical constituents. This plant has a high content of THC and provides a relatively strong psychoactive effect.

This plant can produce more than 15-20% THC while only producing 1% CBD. Shortly after usage, this plant will provide you with an elated feeling. This uplift in mood is followed by the sharpening of your senses. Colors might come across as brighter, and even the slightest sounds can be attention-grabbing.

However, this plant also acts as a muscle relaxant, with some users experiencing pain relief after usage. While it does not omit the pain altogether, it dulls the feeling of pain, and it is easier for the user to concentrate on other things apart from pain. Therefore, you should try this strain at least once in your cannabis-using days.


What does Blue Dream strain help with?

Blue Dream is a high-THC strain used to treat chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

How much does blue dream terpene cost?

A single ounce of Blue Dream currently costs around $265, about $7 more than it was at the start of the year.

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