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Best Beach Treks In India

by Rishi Agarwal
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India is a very famous country all over the world. It’s famous for its culture and religion. There are 29 states and all are very beautifully designed. People come there from other countries to visit India. India is designed so beautifully.

The beauty of India is praised everywhere. It is also famous for peace. There are lots of treks to visit and most of the attractive treks in India to visit for people. People come here to visit these attractive treks. Some of the famous treks come in India. Our India is famous for treks. There are lots of destinations to visit for tourists. Tourists come here to see the popular treks in India. There are so many monuments in India. Some are very popular treks like – Gol Gumbaj, Lotus Temple, Golden Temple, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar Taj Mahal e.t.c.

Top Beach Treks In India

1: Gokarna Beach-

Gokarna Beach is one of the famous beaches in India. It is situated in Karnataka. Many beaches come under Gokarna Beach.  This beach offers water sports and plenty of shocks. On the other side Belekan Beach it’s famous for fisherman Strutting around. It is the best experience to enjoy Gokarna Beach with amazing rides. Many beaches come under Gokarna Beach Like- Paradise Beach, Om Beach, Belekan Beach, Half Moon Beach, Kudle Beach e.t.c.

2: Bekal Beach-

It is one of the best beaches in Kerala.  It is one of the famous beaches for family outings. A beautiful view of the sun, Sand and sea swaying. It is a perfect destination for its scenic beauty. You can take the pleasure of nature. It is an amazing experience for a beach outing. People come there to see this beach and enjoy all the rides provided by this beach. 

3:Half Moon Beach-

Such a beautiful beach on the west coast with less crowd. It is a very famous beach in Gokarna Beach. You can see amazing views of nature and awesome rides. There are so many water slides. The beach gives the shape and name of the half moon. It is called half moon beach because it will be in half moon shape. 

4: Elephant Beach-

This beach is a very famous beach in India . People called it Elephant Beach. In ancient times elephants were used to bring people to the beach due to lack of transport facilities. So it is a very popular beach. There are so many rides and many water rides. Boating experience is so amazing.This beach is full of nature vibes. This beach is covered with tall trees and green plants. Overall this beach contains full nature on every side of this beach.

5: Kumta Beach-

It is such a lovely Beach. It is a very beautiful beach . Five beaches come under this beach. This beach has an amazing experience. Sandy beaches, ancient fort Temple comes under Kumta Beach. You can see many beautiful beaches on Kumta Beach Like- Vanali Beach, Nirvana Beach, Mangodlong  Beach e.t.c. 

6: Ocean Trek To Neuti Beach-

This is a very famous beach in Goa Neuti beach is a very beautiful beach. It is a delightful Ocean Trek with an amazing experience. You can see a famous Neuti fort there. It is a very famous fort on this beach. There are so many beautiful parts you can see around this beach. People enjoy the sun views and soaking sun. They love this beach because of their beauty. They also love to capturing the beautiful memories on this beach. 

7: Arambol Beach-

It is a very beautiful beach in Goa. It is a very famous destination in Goa. Most of the people come there to see the Beauty of Arambol Beach. This beach is famous for its sweet water lagon. Also this beach is famous for its cuisines , delicious goan, shack culture, cafe and barbeque parties and many more. 

8: Kashid Beach Trek-

Kashid Beach is situated in Maharashtra. It is a very attractive beach in Maharashtra. The beauty of this beach is so amazing. This beach is famous for its white colour sand. This beach includes amazing water rides , night camping,  enjoy the beautiful night sky view and horse riding on this beach. 

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