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Best 5 Universities for Study MBBS in China

by Kumari Ankita
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Study MBBS in China

China, which is the second-largest economy in the world, has the best medical universities in the world. I am giving you the best Universities for study MBBS in China. Why only China? The reason to get admission in China for MBBS is that universities of China can accept foreign students with such low fees, as the country has a budget for higher education for research and development in the field of medical science. Also, the cost of MBBS in China is very affordable. So, you can easily take admission to top Universities in China for MBBS.

Top Universities for Study MBBS in China

Here are listed some top listed Universities for study MBBS in China:

  1. University of Shihezi
  2. University of Shanghai TCM
  3. Qingdao University
  4. Liaoning University of TCM
  5. University of Jilin


This top-level medical university in China offers a variety of courses such as Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), MD / MS (Master of Surgery), M.D.S., and MD in Hospital Management. In addition to these courses, there are many courses in different disciplines, such as biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, nursing, and so on. Among all MCI universities in China, Shihezi Medical University was the ONE that has a 75% pass rate of MCI Screening, which is held in India for students studying abroad. It is one of the top medical universities in China in 2018 in the FMGE exam rankings. Since 2004, Shihezi University is the BMDC Medical University in China and annually graduates more than 50 students for MBBS.

Shihezi University, School of Medicine is a well-known Chinese medical university with a strict curriculum taught to Indian students, which is similar to the Indian medical program.


Shanghai is the marketable and economic center of China. In the last 2 years, Shanghai has been one of the fastest increasing cities in the globe. Shanghai aims to become an international transportation hub in the near future. Also, this medical university is located in the south of China in the center of Shanghai and is located 30 minutes away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Shanghai TCM University is ranked as one of the best Chinese medical universities in English for clinical and Western medicine for international students. Also, this Chinese medical university, certified by MCI, offers its students educational, research, medical, and teaching facilities. SHUTCM has been on the world list of Chinese medical universities for more than 40 years of its existence. In addition to professional and postgraduate courses, the institute also offers specialist courses.


Located in the beautiful city of Qingdao, Shandong Province. The university is ranked among the top 3 medical universities in China for international students. Since there are no private medical universities in China, the standard of education, safety, and security are very high among all universities. So, the ranking of Chinese universities is mainly based on how much the universities care about their international students. What innovations they buy in their medical program, and the number of university graduates.


In Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province, where China’s most expensive medical university, CMU, is located, Liaoning University TCM is one of the lowest-educated medical universities in China. Founded in 1958, LNUTCM is the only higher education institution in Liaoning Province that trains. And educates professionals in the integration of TCM and Western medicine in clinical practice.

This WHO Medical University has recognized that it has consistently won many titles in China, including the National Progressive Association for Discipline, Supervision, and Auditing, the Liaoning Progressive Party Organization, the Progressive Association, the Progressive Division in Spiritual Civilization, the First May Prize. Liaoning Province, a law-exemplary university, and safe and civilized campus.


Jilin University is one of the top 20 medical universities in China, and due to its efforts to improve the quality of education for international students. It has made its name on the list of Chinese medical universities. Many Chinese medical universities diversify their campus culture and make the university a goal to build a world-class university. This is the main goal of Jilin University.

Its accountabilities contain Coordinate functional departments, colleges, and research institutions to address the issues of international students. Collaborate with colleges to expand degree education among all Chinese medical universities for international students. Also, Management of Chinese Medical University and their transfer to foreign students; Organization of recreational and sports events, social practice and cultural studies for international students at the university. So, they provide guidance for international students at the Chinese Medical University on innovation. And entrepreneurship, internships, and career development in the new Changchun District. Even if it is not the cheapest medical university in China for foreign students. Compared to other universities mentioned above, Jilin University has a reputation for matching grades with some of the best medical universities.

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