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B2B V/S B2C E-Commerce – Difference In Design You Cannot Ignore

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B2B V/S B2C E-Commerce

What do you think while planning an e-commerce website? It is certainly growth and sustainability that leads you to the decision. Now, what do you think about a b2b or b2c ecommerce website? The major difference between both the e-commerce approaches is the target audience.  

Let me tell you building an e-commerce store for your services is the wisest decision you could ever make. Professionals at ecommerce website design australia are here to add value to your e-commerce store, serving the target audience in the way you intend to.  

For a headstart, the article cruises you through the differences between B2B and B2C e-commerce sites. Before that, let’s see what both the terms mean. 

What Is B2B and B2C E-Commerce? 

Your e-commerce store is the first-hand marketing and sales channel for your business. Knowing which type of clientele you target is will help you get a customised business model that you can successfully implement through your e-commerce portal. 

B2B – It means Business To Business. This means your clientele is the business community that purchases from you with the intent to further profit from it. B2B examples: salesforce, Hootsuite, Alibaba, Apple, etc.   

B2C – It means Business To Consumer. You can also call it direct to consumer sales. Your clientele is the consumer community, that purchases to use and not sell further. Wallmart, Flipkart, Amazon, IBM, etc. 

Difference Between B2B and B2C E-Commerce Designs

B2B is far more comprehensive than B2C designs and both are perfect at their places. Ecommerce website design melbourne is about elevating the appeal and bringing as many features as it could incorporate based on the clientele. Being a B2C business you do not need as much as a B2B portal. 

Business To Business  Business To Customers 
Supporting Content  B2B e-commerce portals usually have comprehensive content, with in-depth information about the source, and other aspects of purchase – written or video. Articles and blogs go in-depth and there are more case studies conveying success stories.  B2C e-commerce sites are image-oriented with straightforward product descriptions and HD images. 

No one wants to know the source. People are more interested in user reviews, unboxing videos, customer testimonials, etc. 

Homepage  Strictly professional with fewer aesthetics and more options.  B2C sites are more flashy filled with recommendations, discounts and special offers. 
CTAs On B2B sites CTA tabs are usually to the point like Buy Now, Book A Demo, etc.  B2C sites have a more creative and interactive tone.   
Customer Support Check  Check 
Checkout processes  For B2B sites checkout processes is extensive giving all the assistance in the form of bot executive and human cs executives. The checkout has a one-click re-ordering system, ‘n’ number of payment options, MOQ, etc and more.  There are minimal steps of the purchase. A straightforward payment form with a couple of purchase modes, dropdown lists and a few grids to be filled by the customer.  



E-commerce is the best way to increase your reach to the extent where you cannot reach. Although, the cost to build an e-commerce website is far less than an actual store the time and efforts are to be put in abundance. To help you in the journey there are always expert minds at ecommerce website design australia.  

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