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Apple iPhone Repair in Bangalore: Things to be Done before Sending Your Phone for Repair

by Rajat M
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Apple iPhone Repair in Bangalore

Data security is critical regardless of the device. Our Apple iPhones store a lot of sensitive information, therefore if they have any problems, they should be taken to a competent service center. iPhones are well-known for their remarkable design and functionality. 

However, screen blackouts, poor battery life, non-functioning volume controls, failure to connect to Wi-Fi, poor audio quality, overheating of the phone when charging, and other issues are among the most common iPhone issues. In such cases, customers can send their phones to an authorized Apple iPhone repair in Bangalore to solve all their problems.

Steps to be Followed before Sending Your iPhone for Repair

Some damages to your iPhone are severe enough that you’ll need to take your device to an Apple iPhone repair in Bangalore for fixing it.  However, there are a few steps you must take before handing over your iPhone to the service center.

1. Find My Device

The ‘Find My iPhone’ feature may be enabled on your iPhone, even if you aren’t aware of it. You must disable this function before any iOS device may be serviced, as it disconnects the device from your Apple ID and disables a security safeguard known as activation lock (this stops anyone erasing and using the device without knowing your Apple ID).

Go to the ‘Settings’ app > ‘iCloud’ settings> ‘Find My iPhone’.  Tap the green slider to turn it off. Your Apple ID will be required. If your device won’t turn on, go to the iCloud website and then disable the activation lock from the list of devices. On Apple’s website, you can learn more about the ‘activation lock’ function.

2. Back-Up Your Device

In most cases, your iPhone touch will automatically back up to iCloud. When the device is connected to power, linked to a wifi network, and the screen is locked, iCloud backups are performed. Return to the iCloud settings and tap on ‘Backup’ to verify your device’s most recent backup. 

Your device must be connected to the Internet to display the ‘Last Backup:’ date. If your device won’t turn on, go to the iCloud website’s settings area and click on the device to see the most recent backup date. To restore from your backup, you’ll need your iCloud account’s Apple ID and password.

Please note that passwords saved on your device are not included in this backup for security reasons. You must make an encrypted backup on a computer running iTunes to back up your iPhone including all passwords. Apple’s website provides instructions for completing an encrypted backup.

3. Disassociate Apps

Many users will not need to take this step, however, depending on the apps you are using on your iPhone, some of them may need to be connected to the hardware of your device for security reasons.

Personal banking applications and second-factor authentication apps for online tools or games are examples of apps that pair with your device’s hardware.

If your iPhone continues to turn on, go through the steps to disconnect any linked applications from your device. If this is not possible as your device won’t turn on, you must contact the app publisher for help before sending it in for repair, in case the app publisher requires unique identifiers from the linked devices to establish ownership.

4. Erase the Device

After you’ve disabled Find My iPad, double-checked that you have an up-to-date backup of the device, and disconnected any paired apps, you’re ready to erase the device clean so that it won’t contain any personal information while it’s being repaired.

 There is no need to erase data if the device won’t turn on. Go to General> Reset >- Erase All Content and Settings in the Settings app.

5. Restoring Replacement Device

A replacement device is usually the most expedient option to provide you with a repair during many iPhone repairs. You must reverse the actions you used to prepare your device for repair when you receive the replacement device.

6. Restore Backup

On an erased iPhone, you are given the option to ‘Restore from iCloud backup’ as you move through the welcome screens. To restore from an iCloud backup, you’ll need your iCloud account’s Apple ID and password.

Connect the device to the computer and use iTunes to backup and restore the device from the most recent backup.

7. Enable Activation Lock

You must make sure that the activation lock is activated on your new device for security reasons, so go back to the ‘Find My iPad’ setting and double-check that it was enabled during the setup process.

8. Purchase an App.

After the restoration is complete, go to the App Store and download a free app. This will require Apple servers to recognize your usage of the Apple ID to make a purchase on this new device, and they will most likely ask for a secondary form of identification in addition to the Apple ID and password, which is typically the security code from your preferred payment card. 

Doing so now will save you the trouble of having to prove your identification when you don’t have that specific card on hand.


The majority of customers bring their iPhones to the service center without any prior preparation. Because the phone frequently loses data due to a lack of backup, you should prepare your phone before going to the service center. 

Contact a competent Apple iPhone repair in Bangalore to resolve any technical issues with your phone. Before you hand up your phone to the service center, there are a few things you should do.

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