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Any other intereting imformation in the survey?

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Welcome to workplace.And in today’s program, we are looking at the result of two recently public surveys,which both deal with the same topic–happiness at work.Let me tell about the first survey.

This was done by a human resources consultancy, who interviewed more than 1,000 workers, and eastablished the top ten of factors which make happy at work. The most important factor for  the majority of  people the interviewed  was have friendly and supportive colleagues.In fact, 73%  of people interviewed put their  relationship  with colleagues as the  key  factor contributing to happiness at work ,which was a very high pecentages. The second most important factor was having work  that is enjoyable. The two least important factors were having one’s  achievements recognized and rathe surprisely, earning a competive salary,

So we are not mainly motivated by money?

Apparently not.For example,25%  working people interviewed described themselves “very happy” at work . However, 20% of employee decribed themselves as been unhappy. that is quite a lot of  unhappy people every day.it is .isn’t it? and there were seval more interesting conclusion survey. First of all, samll is beatiful. People denfinitely prefer working for smaller organizations or companies with less than 100 staff. We also find out that,generally speaking, women were happier in the work than men. and workers on part-time contracts, who  only 4 or 5 hous a day,are happier than those who work full-time. The researchers concluded that this is probably due to a better work-life balance.

Are bosses happier than their employees? Perhaps not surprisingly, the higher people go in a wholesale jewelry company, the happier they are. So senior managers enjoy their jobs more than people working under them.

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