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All You Should Know About Great Scholarship

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GREAT Scholarship

The GREAT scholarship is one of the prestigious scholarships offered in reputable UK universities. People from almost every corner of the world can apply for the scholarship in a taught master’s program. The GREAT scholarship is offered for one year master’s students in various universities in the UK.

Students willing to study in UK universities can consider this a great opportunity to finance their studies. Every year approximately 140 students are selected for the scholarship in various universities from around the globe. Be sure to begin your application process as early as possible not to miss this great opportunity. Only the deserving students and the applicants fulfilling the requirements will be given a chance to avail this opportunity.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the important information you need to know to apply for the scholarship.

Top 6 Essentials You Need To Know About GREAT Scholarship

The United Kingdom is one of the best places when it comes to reputable institutions for students willing to pursue their master’s programs. Various universities offer scholarships for their national and international students, and one of the scholarships is the GREAT scholarship. Around 15 institutions in the UK are affiliated with this scholarship, welcoming students from different countries.

Following are some of the important steps and essentials you must keep in mind while applying for a scholarship in the UK.

1. Eligible countries

It is needless to apply for this scholarship and waste your time if you are not from the eligible countries. Before starting your application, do check the list of eligible countries on the website. Around 28 international countries are on the list of eligible countries for the GREAT scholarship. If your country name is on the list, start with the process; if not, do not need to worry. Many applicants seek the help of study abroad consultants in Islamabad to find the best fit for their careers in different universities.

2. Scholarship worth

The GREAT scholarship is not fully-funded, and it will only cover your tuition fee. The maximum expenses while studying abroad are due to the tuition fee, and the rest of the expenses can be managed easily. The scholarship is worth £10,000 for one year of postgraduate taught programs. But to secure the scholarship it is a must that you are a full-time student and are ready to begin your studies in September of every year.

3. Scholarship requirements

Besides checking the list of eligible countries you should also check other requirements for the scholarship. If you fail to meet the enlisted requirements, your application will not get acceptance for the scholarship. One of the most important requirements for the scholarship is an undergraduate degree rest of the conditions are as follows.

  • Passport or the CNIC from an eligible country
  • A motivation letter sharing your motivation to study at the selected institute
  • Academic documents and transcripts
  • Curriculum vitae

4. Application procedure

The application process is very simple and easy for the students willing to apply. You do not need to fill in any separate application form. If the university affiliated with the scholarship accepts the application, you will get the scholarship. The only thing you have to do is look for your program at each university and apply for it while mentioning the GREAT scholarship as your source of finance in the funding section of the online application.

5. Great scholarship for justice and law

Students willing to study justice, law, and human rights in the UK can also benefit from the scholarship. A selected number of universities in the UK are accepting applications from students in this field. The ministry of justice in the UK is offering this scholarship in collaboration with some institutions in the UK. The list of universities accepting scholarship application in justice and law are as follows.

  • Bournemouth University
  • University College London
  • University of East Anglia

6. Scholarship deadline

It is better to submit your application before the deadline, and there is no specific deadline for this scholarship. The universities themselves consider you for the scholarship, so each university will have a different deadline. Do not forget to check the deadlines and apply as soon as possible. You can also hire study abroad consultants in Islamabad to help you submit your application on time and without any missing documents minimizing your chances of admission.

Start your applications today!

If you are thinking of pursuing your master’s degree in the UK, then make sure you are also applying for a scholarship to lessen your financial burden. Do as much research you can to find the best fit for yourself or hire an expert in this field to do the job for you. You can consult the study abroad consultants for guaranteed results and successful admissions into your desired institutions.

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