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All You Need To Know About Steeping Vape Liquids

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The vaping industry has grown too large and offers a variety of products to satiate their customers’ needs. Vape pens, vaporizers, e-juices, or liquids are some well-known vaping essentials. Vape juices are available in different flavours to add versatility to the entire process. But have you heard about stepping these juices? It’s a common technique used to enhance the flavour of this liquid. In simple words, we can say that ageing of vape liquid is steeping.

How does steeping take place?

Are you a tea drinker? What happens when you immerse a bag of tea in a cup of water? The solid particles are condensed into a lower concentrated solution. But you will see that cannabis juices do not involve any solid substance. Then how is it possible to steep in this case? To explain it in a better way, steeping in these liquids is a process of diffusing flavours by keeping its bottle at rest away from light. It is similar to letting the wine age. If you are bored or do not like the commercial e-liquids anymore, steeping is just for you. Vape juices are available at many retailers to purchase for your steeping. It can be challenging to select the best brand. Let us clear this confusion! Cannabis vape liquid from CannaJuice can be preferred to make your ageing process better. It is readily available at hand on their website, and they will send you with their speedy delivery. With this, you can also start stepping as early as possible. Here are some aspects of ageing CBD liquid that you must know:

Why steep vape juices?

So far, we know that it makes the flavour intense. This is the first potential benefit of this process as it allows the flavour compounds in the liquid to interact with each other. Commercially available juices are young and may not give you the best result. Steeping can help because it leads to harsh chemicals in the liquid being released (if left to age). Many times, you might have noticed that you have a sore throat or an unpleasant sensation after seeping. Why does this happen? It is because some liquids have alcohol. During steeping, this alcohol evaporates to reduce the harshness.

 How to steep?

Steeping commercial vape juices can be an easy process. There are many methods available on the Internet that you can look for. The simple one is to leave the open bottle in a cool and dark place to encourage alcohol escape. Shake the bottle each day and test the flavour. Continue this process until you get the perfect blend. Simple, right? Another safe method of steeping involves placing the bottle of e-liquid in warm water. After 20 minutes, remove the bottle and shake vigorously. Now, remove the cap and let the liquid settle. Repeat this until you get the desired result.

 How long does it take to sleep?

The answer to this is simply unknown because every liquid is unique. It depends on the chemicals and essences present, storing conditions, and personal taste. Experimentation is the key to answering this query. Also, it relies upon the type of method you use to steep. It can take either 24 hours or a long span of four weeks.

 How to store it?

It is recommended to store cannabis liquids in glass bottles. If your commercial liquid comes in a plastic bottle, transfer it to a clean glass container for long-term storage. The idea behind this is that plastic can have molecular interactions with vape juice. Close your bottle tight after stepping to limit further oxidation. You must store it in a cool and dark place or refrigerate it if necessary.

 Steeping vape juices is not for everyone. Sometimes you may not get the results you are looking for as there is no rule of how long steeping takes. It is likely for the flavour to degrade if this process is not carried out correctly. You can get the best of it after several trials. Every brand and liquid is different. You can have a fresh blend with the perfect use of the technique. Have fun, and experiment with new methods to get an enjoyable vaping session each time.

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