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Abstract Art- Reaching the Unprecedented Depth

by Gallerienavya
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The mastery of brush strokes and zeal for colors are common features of the paintings made by artists creating abstract art. But, from where do these artists draw their inspiration? Why the concept of such art appears to be intangible? What is the nudge of an artist to incorporate the pictures of abstract concepts? And we shall explore, here, what are the associations of abstract art with the lives of the artists making them. Gurudas Shenoy is an exemplary painter whose art is the truest example of being abstract in nature.

Symbolism with Naïve

When you will spot abstract art, you would not be able to grasp the concept right away. It takes time and maturity to get to the depth of the art that has an intangible concept associated with it. The life of a person travels exactly this way from one phase to another. On one hand, during infancy, a child relates to the world through the understanding of her parents or elderly people around. On the other hand, as the infant develops into a child, she starts to observe the world through the facts mentioned in the books. However, the concept remains vague to the child to the time she matures and starts to perceive the world through her intellect.

The abstract concepts in a painting, perhaps, reflect the psychological impact of childhood memories on an artist. They are not necessarily the odd ones, but an overall experience of childhood is reflected through abstract art. The willingness to comprehend the world around us and its deliberation are evident in such types of art.

If you get a chance to observe the paintings made by Gurudas Shenoy Artist, you will observe abstract impressions incorporated into them. The strokes found in the paintings, probably, are indicative of the age when he started to paint spontaneously.

Challenging the Brain

Abstract art invites the observer to push her own intellect to elaborate on the concept found in the painting. Therefore, a willing conversation is evident between the artist and the observer of her artwork. This perception unleashes the challenges that a human being come across every day. When you walk out of your house, you are presented with situations that might not resemble the theoretical models that your brain absorbs during your formal education. In this case, you start to visualize a situation in a way that enables you to find out the hidden answers in it. This challenging quotient is apparent in abstract art.

Observing the art of Gurudas Shenoy, a viewer must feel that she has to apply her intelligence and understanding to elaborate on the concept presented by the artist.


A Different Perception

Abstract art is not an imitation. The artist objectifies the things she has observed and then puts them on the canvas with the help of colors. It, somehow, relates to having an idea of having your personal vision of the world. In simple words, you are seeing the world with your own eyes. You create your own set of perceptions. Abstract art reveals the nudge of the artist to see the world in a different way. Not just that, this way the artist motivates the viewers to observe the world through a varied perception. Somewhere, abstract art represents the truest nature of art because an artist is willing to perceive the things around her in a different way.

The landscapes and cityscapes of Gurudas Shenoy Artist present the idea of seeing the mundane sceneries with a distinctive vision that a common man observes every day from ordinary perception. The zeal to see the beauty hidden in the crux of the settings around must be the motivation for the artists to create abstract art.

Conclusive Remarks

There is no end when you are trying to reach the depth of abstract art. Every individual may come up with a different idea associated with the art. Maybe that is the beauty of abstract art that unleashes the creative potential in every individual.

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