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There are some interesting observations about the bed of the Ganges which also led many experts to propound the theory about the Gang having an artificial or man-made bed, like that of a canal. Normally the natural bed of a river is ‘V-shaped while that of the Ganga is more flat looking more rectangular in shape the usual shape of canal beds.  Another interesting fact derived from these observations is that till the Ganga reaches the plains, it has two high temples perched atop the hills on both sides of the river’s route at important places.  The famous temples of Haridwar: the ‘Mansa Devi temple and ‘The Chandi Devi temple bear testimony to this conjecture.

It appears these were some sort of observation towers, like the ones that are constructed in modern times also when a bid canal is dug.  Another very peculiar feature is that all the rivers that confluence with the Ganado so always at night angles which is, again, the meeting pattern the canals dug in modern times. Click here to find and get Hindu Gods and Goddess images, wallpapers, photos, or pics to share on social media apps.

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