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A primitive period jewelry


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Primitive period jewelry is mainly burial jade, especially jewelry in Hongshan culture, Longshan culture and Liangzhu culture. Jewelrykg

1. Jewelry in Hongshan culture

The Hongshan culture is an agricultural culture created by a tribal group that operated in the upper basin of the Daling and Xiliao rivers north of Yanshan Mountain 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. It was mainly distributed in a large area from the Urjimurun River Basin in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia in the north, to the west of Liaoning and the north of Hebei in the south, and to the Zhelimu League in the east. Among them, the Liaohe River basin is the birthplace of the Hongshan culture. Five or six thousand years ago, this area was warm and humid, which was very suitable for human beings to live and reproduce here. Therefore, this ancient and rich culture was born.

The jade of Hongshan culture is Neolithic jade, mostly used as jade ritual objects and jade sacred objects. The main jade artifacts excavated from the Hongshan culture are: jade pig dragon. The discovery of the jade pig dragon is one of the major discoveries of the Hongshan culture site. The body of the C-shaped pig dragon is curled in the shape of “℃”, the head of the dragon is inscribed with a large poke-shaped eye, the muzzle extends forward and the front end is flush, the neck is covered with a long hyena, and the forehead and under the jaw are decorated with inscribed grid patterns.

It can be seen that the basic features of the jade pig dragon are C-shaped, curled, pig head, dragon body, five senses carved with shaded lines, melon-shaped eyes, surrounded by many wrinkles, the muzzle extends forward, some show tusks, there is a perforation on the back, the body is flat, round and heavy. The primitive religion of the Hongshan culture was already at a high stage of development at that time. Jade pig dragon is by no means a randomly made animal, it should be deified spirit, is the object of worship and sacrifice of the ancestors of the Red Mountain. Dragon in ancient China occupies an important position, is the traditional Chinese totem image, and the development of the Chinese nation is closely related.

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