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A Practical Glance at Elation EMR

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Elation EMR

You might be wondering how reading an article is equal to having a practical idea about the software. Actually, it’s not about reading an article; it’s about reading the thoughts we have compiled by watching the demonstration tutorial of Elation EMR.  

Here we are going to share credible information about the vendor. We’ll help you see how Elation EMR benefits your practice at all times with its distinctive capabilities. In addition, you will get a chance to explore its services and capabilities to have a better outlook on the software.  

Elation EMR On the Run 

Elation is a realistic electronic health records solution known for its endless flexibility. It has taken over the EHR market in no time, featuring patient-centric tools and services. In addition, the software covers a broad spectrum of specialties and delivers first-rate personalized services.  

The market-leading software is second to none when it comes to giving physicians peace of mind. It relaxes them by digitizing medical records, automating clinical tasks, and generating performance reports. Moreover, it significantly reduces the operational tasks to a minimum.  

Elation EMR, like Centricity, offers an absolutely free demo for its providers. So let’s explore its vital areas.  

Two Main Aspects of Elation EMR

We analyzed the demo of Elation EMR in the light of patient engagement and virtual care. These are the two aspects we think every healthcare practice should excel at. And that’s why we explicitly focused on these two categories. In addition, both these care aspects are associated with a plethora of features to streamline clinical workflow.  

Let’s have a detailed look at them by reviewing both aspects one by one.  

Engaging Patients To Improve Care Outcomes

Say for example; you want to engage your patients in their care process. How will you do so? It’s not something you can accomplish just by giving them motivation talks or intake forms etc. You have to do much more. Convince them that you care for them. Offer them convenience by using EHR solutions to simply clinical processes.  

And a worth-praising thing about Elation EMR is it offers intact patient engagement functionalities. With its interesting features, patients feel cared for as you get to interact with them more instead of focusing on computer screens. In this context, the software offers a patient portal, patient kiosks, an online bill clearance facility, and many more.  

Effective Communication

The vendor understands how crucial communication is in healthcare facilities. And that’s why it focuses on minimizing the communication gap. Patients have the option to connect with you using the patient portal or via direct messages or over calls. It assures a seamless flow of information resulting in better care outcomes.   

Patient Portal

Patients feel engaged when they are given complete visibility into the care treatment process. They get access to progress notes, treatment plans, lab reports, and even prescriptions. The patient portal of the system allows access to the patient education material. It enables patients to learn about their care plans.  

Online Appointments

The software facilitates patients by setting appointments online. An integrated online scheduler allows them to see the free slots. By doing this, they get to see which slot suits them best, and thus they can set up physical or virtual visits with convenience. The vendor also sends automated appointment reminders to all patients.  

Scaling Business To New Height 

The second fantastic aspect around which the feature range of Elation revolves is its scalability. In past years, only interoperability service was considered as a step toward scalability but it’s way past that. In this digitized era, it’s not difficult to scale practices. It doesn’t even require money to finance business growth. Everything’s done over the web.  

We will explore the scalability part by solely looking at the telehealth services of Elation EMR. There’s much more a telehealth solution can do than just allowing for remote care. It streamlines all areas of medical practice, and you can experience it all with Elation, an on-the-go EMR system. Here’s what the telehealth of Elation offers: 

Online Interface

Let’s start with the online interface of smooth virtual interaction. The interface is the crux to online visits. And Elation EMR demo, unlike the Centricity demo, shows that it provides a powerful online interface. It is robust and free of any potential risk of third-party intervention. Moreover, it’s protected via secure shields to maintain data confidentiality.  


The telehealth solution of Elation EHR benefits you by cutting down operational costs. You will need reduced staff by delivering remote care as there’ll be minimal workload at your hands to deal with. Moreover, as you can provide care from home, there will be no extra electricity charges or transportation costs. Other administrative expenses will also reduce to a minimum.  

Expands Coverage

With these services, expand the area you cover by providing care services to distant and remote areas. Reach out to the areas where there are minimal care facilities to save precious lives. Using virtual visits, guide patients on how they can improve their health by following prescribed medications and your advice. Eventually, it will increase your client base.  

Setting Up a Demo With Elation EMR

It is true that by scheduling a demo with EMR solutions like Centricity EMR, you get to see the features up close. A demo includes all the essential services of the care management solutions. But here, we are going to share the practical insights of the Elation EMR demo, which we experienced during the demonstration tutorial.  

For sure, every person has their own point of view, and here we have shared ours. But, if it’s not per your expectations, it doesn’t mean the software is not suitable for you. You can review the demo as per your requirements. For instance, here, we have covered telehealth. But, if you are not delivering remote care, it doesn’t mean the software has nothing to do with your needs.  

Schedule a demo with Elation EMR to evaluate your desired functionalities. If you want to see its EHR services in detail, consider its features like custom templates, e-prescription, patient charts, documentation, voice recognition, etc. Keep in mind that every story has infinite aspects, so look for the one you desire before concluding.  


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