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A List of Will Smith Movies on MoviesCounter

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The success of the film depends largely on how well the actors play their roles. That’s why high-profile actors are in demand in the film industry. The First one of these characters goes by the name of Will Smith. Secondly, Smith is not just an actor, he is a multi-talented person who has participated in movies on moviescounter or TV shows as a director, producer, writer, and successful artist. It’s hard to ignore his talents, as even a brief look at Will Smith’s movie list will show you top-notch.

However, Will Smith’s list of movies is long. It all started in 1992 when Smith played Manny’s role in the well-received film, “Where the Day Takes You”. Two films immediately followed the following year which would eventually kick off Will Smith’s acting career.

Made in America and Six Degrees of Separation

The first of his 1993 films was “Made in America”, a film starring Whoopi Goldberg. Next up is a film on moviecounter called “Six Degrees of Separation”. You can watch all kinds of movies for free and online on the movie counter. This adorned Smith with a leading role play and Donald Sutherland co-star.

Bad Boys

From then on, perhaps even before that, Moreover, Will Smith’s movie list was impressive. Along with well-known comedian Martin Lawrence, Will Smith starred in the 1995 film “Bad Boys” on movies counter. This was followed by “Freedom Day” which was first shown in 1996.

Men in Black

“Men in Black”, a 1997 sci-fi game starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. No doubt, In 1998, Smith starred in the movie “Enemy of the State”. 1999 was a busy year for Smith; he starred in two films. Although, The first was “Torrance Rises”, the next was “Wild Wild West”.

Welcome to Hollywood and The Legend of Bagger Vance

“Welcome to Hollywood” and “The Legend of Bagger Vance” were films featured in the year 2000 and starring, Will Smith. However, In 2001, Smith got the chance to play the role of a great boxer, “Ali”.

Men in Black II

As a result of their critical success, two of Smith’s previous films on moviescounter de have gained their following. The first was “Men in Black II”, which premiered in 2002. This followed by the following year “Bad II Boys”. Will Smith’s movie list grew bigger and bigger in 2004. “Jersey Girl”, “Me, Robot”, and “Shark Tale” were all played for the first time in a specified year.


The romantic comedy “Hitch”, was released in 2005. The following year, Smith received the lead role in the inspiring drama “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Another thriller of sci-fi showcased Smith’s talent in a film titled “I Am Legend”. 2008 was the year that Will Smith’s two films on moviescounter com were shown for the first time. These were the “Hancocks” and the “seven pounds”.


If you look at Will Smith’s list of movies, one cannot help but be amazed at the quality of the flicks included. As long as Will Smith continues to produce high-quality films on moviescounter online, lists, and a host of his followers, it will also continue to grow.

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