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7 Skincare and Makeup tips for Mature Women.

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Are you concerned about cosmetics for aging skin? Here are some makeup and skincare tips for mature women.

The skin gets dry as we get older. Also, as we age, our wrinkles, wrinkles and the texture of our skin will become more apparent. Skin’s properties alter, sagging will be visible and skin collages may crack. Therefore, such people are not able to apply makeup in the same way that normal.


For women who are older must be extra cautious with the preparation of our skin because of skin dryness. It is important to maintain a regular CTM routine that includes a Cleansing toning, moisturizing, and cleansing routine that is crucial.


Here are seven suggestions from Makeup Guru Lekshmi menon on the most important things that need to do when doing makeup for mature skin.


1.) Sheet Mask and Jade Roller

For the big day that is to come It is suggested that you wait a day prior to the event you go to bed, apply Sheet Mask. Sheet Mask will moisturize your skin and boost your blood circulation. When you exfoliate your face it will stimulate your blood. It is essential to have the perfect glow for your skin. In the present, in the market, we can find the product known as Jade Roller. With the help of Jade Roller, if we lift the skin, and then roll it, it will improve blood circulation. This is particularly beneficial for people who have mature skin.


2) Moisturise

It is essential to moisten your skin prior to applying makeup however, avoid thick and heavy creams, especially if you live in a hot area. Make use of a lighter moisturizer to cleanse your skin. There’s a delicate line between oily skin and dry skin. The makeup shouldn’t have an oily look and also not dry. Therefore, hydrating the skin is the most important factor.


3) Liquid Foundation

Apply a foundation that is liquid. It’s very effective and should be with a light to medium coverage. Make sure you don’t apply a foundation with excessive coverage.


4.) Satin Finish Foundations

Be cautious and look for satin-finish foundations. Satin finish foundations will not be too dry and they are not oily. If you have a dry matte surface foundation it can fold over the wrinkles. If it’s oily, it’ll start to shine, making wrinkles even more obvious. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the fine line that separates both. It must not be dry , and it shouldn’t be oily.


5) Concealer

Avoid using too much concealer under your eyes, especially in the case of wrinkles. For those with wrinkles around the eyes Don’t apply your concealer in a way that is too heavy as it can cause wrinkles there.


6.) Compact Powder

Do not use too much powder that is compact or any other type of skin care product. The reason for this is that the powder can absorb water from your skin. Thus, the excessive use of powder can cause the skin to become very matt and make the skin dry. For those with mature skin, they naturally suffer from dry skin. when we use excessive amounts of powder, it will absorb the moisture that remains.


7.) Drawing the Eyes

Always be cautious with your eyes. If you aren’t inclined to draw eyes, and when they do draw eyes, they feel like they’ve done it too much. Instead, just apply mascara and then curl it. Make it appear elegant. Particularly when we get older our eyelids is going to shrink and our skin will naturally shrink, resulting in eyes that are hooded. This will make our eyes appear smaller and create the appearance of being overdone.

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