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7 Careers to Consider if You Want an Active Job

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Many people love active jobs because they allow them to stay moving and gain physical health benefits while working and earning money. This career can also boost your mental well-being, stimulating the brain and lowering the risk of cognitive issues. A significant number of active jobs take place outdoors, but various indoor career options also exist. The active job you consider will depend on local availability, preferences, salary, and skill set.


This is one of the most popular career choices for individuals contemplating active jobs. Nurses interact with patients and other medical professionals by taking vital signs, administering medication, and reviewing charts. There are various nursing positions, such as certified nurses, registered nursing, and nurse practitioner.


If you enjoy dancing, this is an active career to consider. There are various groups and genres to join based on your dancing skills, teaching abilities, and the reception within the community. Becoming a choreographer allows you to stay physically fit and learn more about current trends, vintage dance routines, famous and local artists, and more.

Patrol Officer

Patrolling a building, company, or specific area is an active job that you could take up. Some responsibilities include monitoring the space and ensuring the property is safe. Although you can watch from a video screen, this career typically requires patrol officers to walk around the building regularly in case some incidents aren’t within view of the video camera.


Choosing a manufacturing job often comes with many awards, including career development, rewarding salaries, health insurance, educational reimbursement for various studies, paid time off, and remaining active. You can begin a manufacturing job and receive promotions to management and director based on the company, your skills, and longevity.


Being active is not just about moving around; it also relates to interacting with others throughout the day, and teaching fits that description. This may be a great career choice if you enjoy being active and helping others learn to the best of their potential. There are various teaching levels, allowing you to upgrade your education, training, and certification to move into higher educational roles.

Hair Dresser

Whether you choose to be a beauty stylist or barber, this is an active job that keeps you on your feet and requires you to use your hands and mind when creating client styles. Interacting with customers is one of the bonus aspects of being a hairdresser; the constant communication in terms of creating styles or talking about random events, people, and trends.


Being outdoors, planting flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and other plants for a yard is something you should consider when searching for an active career. Depending on the location, this could be a year-round position, allowing you to stay active each month. Gardeners sometimes travel, especially when they have loyal customers in warmer places.

These are a few careers to consider when deciding if an active job is for you. Once you select your position, take advantage of every aspect of the profession to obtain the health benefits and opportunities you seek.

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