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7 AC Problems! Common Problems Appearing In Summer

by Amitkumar
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Summer is coming. It is the time for mangoes and watermelon and cold drinks and shakes. One such thing is checking our air conditioners which would be our lifesavers in this heat. So let us look into some common summer AC problems (don’t worry, there is no need to be an expert to find these).

7 AC Problems That Appear in Summer:

1. AC would not turn on 

The circuit breaks, loose wires or broken fuses might be the reasons causing this problem. It would be better that the wires are checked for any damage, if the problem persists it is better to call a Ac Repair in Chennai technician.

2. AC blowing hot air

The AC is supposed to blow cold air but sometimes it does the opposite. This problem can arise due to multiple reasons – an improperly set thermostat, refrigerant leaks, frozen parts, blown breaker, broken compressor, and more. In case, this problem occurs with your AC, contact your technician as soon as possible.

3. AC unit constantly turns on and off

Some air conditioners come with an energy-efficient feature. These ACs turn on and off to save energy. But, if your AC is doing this constantly, then it is a problem to look for. This problem can also be caused by an AC unit that is too small for your home or faulty or loose wiring.

4. Fan issues with your AC

Your air conditioner usually has two fans, one that cools the air by blowing it over evaporator coils and another that cools the air by blowing it over the external condenser, which removes the hot air from your home and sends it outdoors.

If either of these fans stops working, your entire air conditioner will be unable to function. Motor problems, worn belts or other parts, a lack of lubrication, a build-up of dirt and debris, and other factors can cause fan troubles.

5. Duct leaks

The ductwork in your home distributes the cold air throughout the house for even cooling and comfort, but if the ducting has holes or cracks, the cool air will seep out. 

6. Refrigerant or water leaks

Most refrigerant leaks are hard to detect because they frequently occur in coolant lines. Brightly coloured spots near the air conditioner, on the other hand, indicate a problem. While some condensation outside the air conditioner is expected, excessive wetness could indicate a water leak.

Turn off the unit and call your technician right away if you discover a refrigerant leak. Low refrigerant levels can harm the compressor, one of the most expensive components to replace. Regular maintenance checks can help identify problems, and certified Ac Repair in Ahmedabad technicians can top off refrigerants as needed.

7. Strange smelling AC system

A burning odour is an indicator of a problem in an AC. Some people may also detect musty odours in their homes. These odours may emanate from the vents or while you’re close to the AC unit. Electrical smells could indicate a problem with the motor’s wiring.

If your air filters become clogged, the system can overheat, resulting in burning odours. A mildew odour is caused by clogged drains. If you notice a burning odour, turn off the air conditioner right away. Make sure the air filters are clean. Replace them if they appear to be unclean. 

 On a positive note, with sufficient precautions, the majority of them can be avoided. So, make sure all the checks are done and you’ll be good to enjoy the cool breeze in this hot summer.

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