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5 Simple Ways to Restore a Leather Lounge?

by Sam Dilan
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We all want to extend the life of our leather lounge, but it can be hard to know where to start in restoring one that has seen better days. We can guarantee you that there will come a time when your leather lounge needs to be cleaned, but with so many options out there, knowing which method will work best can leave you feeling more confused than ever before. In order to help you restore your leather lounge in an easy and effective way, we’ve put together some of the best tips on cleaning leather lounges.

Remove any dust or debris from the couch by vacuuming it.

Vacuuming your couch helps get rid of dust and other small particles which might be in your leather lounge cleaning Wollongong. This step also sets you up for success when using foam, as it allows you to really rub that foam in!

Make a diluted white vinegar cleaning solution.

White vinegar has long been lauded as one of nature’s best cleaners. It’s a safe and cheap alternative to commercial cleaning products. But it can be harsh if you don’t dilute it well. For example, when applied at full strength, white vinegar is so acidic that it can stain many hard surfaces, including marble countertops and brass fixtures. To make sure your leather lounge doesn’t sustain any damage from your cleaning solution, use distilled water for an extra-gentle clean. Using distilled water also means you won’t add unnecessary minerals or other impurities back into your leather lounge once you’ve finished cleaning it, leaving behind spots and streaks that detract from its appearance and comfortability.

Soak a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution.

The leather upholstery on your lounge is delicate, and you don’t want it saturated with cleaning solution. Plus, microfiber cloths are effective at picking up dirt without leaving behind any residue. Dampen a microfiber cloth in your cleaning solution (or wet it with plain water), then gently wipe down one section of your couch at a time. Wring out the excess liquid after each pass over each area before moving on to that section’s next clean patch.

Wipe the couch down in tiny, circular strokes.

It’s always best to start with a clean and dry surface when cleaning leather, so wipe down your lounge from top to bottom before you begin. Use a microfiber cloth—paper towels can leave behind tiny fibers that will scratch up your leather furniture. Get rid of dirt and dust first; then, once your couch is nice and dry, use mild soap diluted in warm water (not hot) on a clean rag to get rid of stubborn stains and refresh the color.

Using a clean cloth, dry the couch.

Any moisture left on leather furniture can cause it to crack, peel, and develop other discolorations. When cleaning leather furniture, always make sure it is completely dry before proceeding with any further steps of care. If you’re unsure how to dry your leather couch properly, use a clean cloth or towel and pat down any remaining areas that are damp.


Even if you can’t feel your leather anymore, it’s still important to clean your furniture regularly. These are five of my favorite DIY leather lounge cleaning solutions. The best part about all of them is that they won’t cost you more than $50 per year. It doesn’t take much time either – less than an hour each month should be enough!

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