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5 Hen Party Games That Break The Ice

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A hen party is a great way to get along with your buddies before your D-day. It is the most special day for the bride to play and have fun to the fullest with her group of friends. Childhood friends, work friends or college ones; all can come along together for your bachelorette. You can plan either a mini-vacation or a late-night party. But are you worried about so many different ladies mingling at your hen parties? That is going to be quite challenging as a bride! So, do you want to break the ice? This article will help you do that by suggesting some bachelorette party games!

Party game suggestions for hen party

 So, you are off to have fun with your bridal party. Have you planned anything? The number of friends, venue, food, music, and outfit? Dance, booze, and play many games to make it engaging. As a bride, you must attend to all your friends. But this can take a toll because you might also want to enjoy it. Below are a few games that will save your effort and engage your friends with each other without much ado. So, are you ready to break the ice?

Hen charades

You need to have two teams. Now, one person has to act out the word on the card given by the opposite team without making a sound. The fellow party attendees have to guess what it is. The word could be anything — many hen party charade cards are available online, and it is fun to act on those.

Never have I ever 

This is again the most classic game played by all. This game can kick-start your party and is a great ice breaker. How do you go about it? There is a pack of cards available with different questions on it. Each person has to come up and answer the questions printed on the card. See how fun and laughter flow! And your friends will get to know each other too.

 Cocktail-making game

Let’s see, who makes the best cocktail? Imagine the bartender showing his skills. It’s just wow! But have you thought of experimenting with regards to cocktails? It goes like, each person has to prepare a cocktail and mix it with their own choice. The bride has to taste it and decide which one is the best. You can arrange for cocktail making at the hen party by Cocktails with Mario.  They serve fun and interactive cocktail-making activities that will be full of entertainment. Their professional team of bartenders will educate you and show you some tricks and tips to create some delicious cocktails. This will make your friends engage in something unique and fun!

Scavenger’s Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a bachelorette party game perfect for making a night out at bars or a vacation spot. The game entails tasks assigned on a sheet of paper that the team members need to fulfill for the bride, for which they will be given a point. One with the maximum score wins the game. Are you wondering where to find a hunt list? Well, it’s a free digital download, readily available on the Internet.

Don’t say

Before the party begins, the bride forms a list of banned words for the night such as ‘wedding’, ‘date’, ‘groom’ — and every time it is uttered by anyone, the speaker has to take a dare or a shot! Isn’t this interesting? This is a fun activity that keeps people involved and makes them interact with each other.

Your big night will be sorted with these best hen party games. Now that you have the game sorted, why don’t you plan other aspects of the party — such as having a team garment for you and your girls? Or how about some headbands or clips. They could be your thank you gift to your girls. Anything personalized will speak of your friendship with them.  Now, all you need to do is think of all the fun and laughter!


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