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5 Books You Should Consider Reading This Winter Season

by OliviaCarlson
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It is time of the year to take out your cozy clothes and set up a cozy reading corner. There is nothing better than to spend the winter holidays reading exciting books. Cancel your plans just to stay home and read. We all do that. Once you indulge in the story you don’t want to step outside. from shopping to paying SNGPL Bills online, all prefer to mark while sitting at home.

We have collected the 10 top winter’s recommended books for you. Winter reading is an escape to an imaginary world, revisiting your childhood. From mystery to tragic, all genre in winters excites you. Find the warm spot and get ready for the winter reading trip.

Turtles All the Way Down

Author: John Green

The great novel by John Green revolved around Aza Holmes, A teenage girl surrounded by anxiety and mental health issues. The writer has proven his best work by portraying mental health issues, emotions, and problems teenagers could face. The best part is that you might feel a connection while reading, which is what a great writer does. The book has tremendous poetic sentences, admiring characters, hope, which gives a warm touch to your read.

The Hazel Wood

Author: Melissa Albert 

If you are looking for a mysterious read, The Hazel Wood is for you. In this story, a young girl and her mother live life on a run. They have been caught by bad luck, and only by running they can escape from bad fortune. Additionally, you will find the story addictive, suspense growing from one plot to another. The writing style is a pull up you can imagine the scene with complete details. A perfect winter reads as the story is full of woods and fairytales.

The Hate You Give

Author: Angie Thomas

The book is based on the suffering and the real struggles of life. A girl named star witnessed a police officer shoot one of her best friends. In a world where white people were privileged to have a life, and on the other side, the black got down by forces. The novel inspires by the “Black Lives matter” moment, the injustice, and the color discrimination. It is a roaring story against silence. The wave of emotions, getting yourself together and struggling to stand and fight. Also, now you can watch a movie with the same title following the story.

We Met in December

Author: Rosie Curtis

If you’re looking for a good holiday read, We Met in December by Rosie Curtis is a perfect fit. A cup of hot chocolate and a ride to fantastic holidays began. A young girl following her dreams reaches the city, where she shares a room with 4 strangers. Well, the story revolves around two people meant for each other, always finding their way back to each other. Apart from this, if you are looking for an imaginary London trip, the book has the essence of giving you a virtual trip to the magnificent city so beautifully. There is no way to skip this book. It is all about embracing what your heart speaks.

The Sun and Her Flowers

 Author: Rupi Kaur 

If you are into poetry, The Sun and Her Flowers is the masterpiece by the no 1, New York Times bestselling author. The collection of poetry focused on various themes, including Love, loss, abuse, healing, and blooming. Poetry is not just reading lines, it includes a feel to words. Rupi conveys her strong opinions which are mind-blowing, highly loved, and praised.


Winter reading is worth waiting. Pile up your books, make a list and start reading. No doubt winters have short days, cold temperatures, and it is the best time to escape all the plans and put yourself entirely into reading. Among all, we have collected these great winter reads for you. Make sure you enjoy your reading process with winters.

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