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4 Luxury Living Room Curtain Ideas

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Those who have been to Orlando Florida, have enjoyed one of the fanciest places in the whole of the USA. People here not only appreciate their themed park but also like to flaunt their drapes and curtains. The houses rejoice in beauty with luxury living room curtains and window treatments, keeping the passersby mesmerized. The best part of the emerging home décor lovers in Orlando Florida is, that they are aligning more towards custom draperies.

It is a good and brave sign. Here is a fun fact, in the first few decades of the 1900s, when the fatal influenza spread, people used to keep the corpse in the front rooms, better known at that time as “death rooms”. But after the pandemic was over, a public journal proposed the name “living room” for these front rooms.

Here are some curtain ideas you can use to beautify your living rooms.

Cheerful Yellow Curtains

Drapes or curtains of a living room always need to be vibrating. There must be something that always inspires the inmates and the visitors. Yellow is a common color seen in most places. You can use them on your curtains to bring in cheerfulness and a vibe of being alive. The most significant thing one must not forget in their life is “living”. You should always give your best efforts to prove and secure it.

The yellow color window coverings make the living rooms look spacious, airy, and well-lit. The color has its aesthetics and allows you to enjoy that.

Mesmerizing Blue Window Coverings

Luxury living room curtains with blue color on them create a different taste in the home décor. The color encourages relaxation and calmness. Interestingly, blue is America’s favorite color. As a result, it brings people together and stabilizes all harsh effects on the inmates. You can also mix them with the neutrals like brown and cream.

The blue color window coverings are good for the eyes and mood that bring peace and elegance. There are wide palettes of hues you can choose from to suit the best of your moods. Add a fine touch to the most vibrant room of your home by interplaying the hues of blue curtains with the right textures.

Spacious & Highlighting White Drapes

White is always the go-to color for everyone. You can choose white for the walls, curtains, furniture, mats, and every other place you desire for. White color drapes can do a dual job of obstructing light and making the room lit and dreamy at times. Interior designers frequently use this color to make the rooms seem larger and spacious.

The charm of white curtains in your living room leaves it into something timeless. White curtains never go out of fashion. So, people in Orlando Florida, often use custom white draperies to beautify their house interiors. They also experiment with white curtains with various textures and fabrics suiting their class.

Lavish & Loving Pink Curtains

Pink is an enchanter of love, passion, and togetherness. A newlywed couple is often found using this color in their houses. However, the color better matches the vibes of a bedroom, you can also use them in the living rooms. Feelings and emotions arise when you observe high-end pink window treatments. So applying them in the season when you feel more romantic can hand you the best results.

People who do not much like color also benefit from their imagination. You can use flowing satins, cotton, silk, or any other texture; pink curtains can build the vibe in almost texture and fabric.


If you generalize, curtains and drapes protect the inmates from dust, dirt, and other adversities. But that does not mean one cannot use them to decorate the rooms. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc., have different essence. You can fetch the right vibe from them by applying the right combination.

Custom draperies in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, etc., Florida are attracting a lot of eyes. If you desire to customize your window treatments and enchant your guests, contact Galaxy Design. It is your one-stop destination for luxury living room, bedroom, etc., curtains that provide their products and services all over the USA. Reach them for FREE assistance.

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