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3 Steps to Boost Sales with a CRM

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Undoubtedly, one of the fundamental objectives of the commercial management of a company is to increase turnover. A challenge that is faced every day by those responsible for the sales area, the commercial teams, and that also involves the marketing department . Beyond considering aspects such as product design, pricing policy or communication strategy, which are certainly key elements that affect the level of sales, the new management tools, such as CRM, are today an essential ally for the identification of opportunities, customer acquisition and subsequent loyalty of the same.

In fact, there is already research that is analyzing the positive impact that the use of CRM has on sales and business growth . The keys to getting the most out of a CRM go through identifying your potential client, generating a recruitment strategy focused on the profile of each client and designing an effective loyalty plan over time.

How can I know who my ideal client is ? How to reach the most appropriate target audience for my products and services?
The first step is to have a good database, a database that will have to be purged over time, manually or automatically, until it contains the records that may really have some interest in our offer.

How to identify my potential client with a CRM enriched with marketing automation capabilities or artificial intelligence utilities

The identification of the potential client goes through the continuous interaction with him. The advantage of working with a Dynamics CRM is that this task can be done, to a large extent, in an automated and personalized way . And it is that modern customer relationship management platforms offer, among others, capabilities to manage:

  • Multi-channel campaigns to generate demand, promotion or customer loyalty using email marketing techniques, landing pages, webinars, events, social selling (eg LinkedIn)…
  • Automation of interactions , either based on qualitative or quantitative segmentation criteria or, even better, based on the behavior that has been shown after being impacted by our company’s marketing and sales initiatives ( behavioral marketing ). Let us suppose that our company is dedicated to the manufacture of containers and cardboard. In this scenario, for example, if the client browses our website and shows interest in a study on trends in wine packaging design , our next interaction may be automated and trigger a shipment of new packaging for the wine sector that manufactured by our company, accompanied by a promotional discount.
  • Automatic classification of customers, current or potential, based on their type and frequency of purchase, being able to predict the level of future spending based on the degree of interaction/interest.

These CRM capabilities solve the complexity of sales management, allowing managers to dedicate their efforts to customers with the greatest potential for business development.

Use of CRM for customer acquisition

Profiling and qualifying the client is only the first step to achieve a first sale. What does a CRM contribute to customer acquisition? A CRM offers an integrated, complete and updated view of all the stages of the so-called ” customer journey ” , that is, the different phases that it goes through in its relationship with our company, from the seeding / discovery of a need, until your conversion and repeat purchase / recommendation (loyalty).

The commercial director or the sales manager, with an intelligent sales solution enriched with marketing automation capabilities, has in front of him a photograph, always updated, of the moment in which each contact is and, in this way, he can make a decision reasoned about what should be the next step towards capturing each particular client .

Some examples of information / benefit offered by the CRM are:

  • Automated classification and profiling of each contact based on the interaction with a series of predetermined variables in the campaigns. For example: downloading documentation, viewing a video, reading newsletters, requesting additional information…
  • Interactions made with each contact: telephone calls, visits, emails…
  • Personal details of each contact: interests, use and behavior in social networks…
  • Purchase intention , through lead nurturing and lead scoring techniques .
  • Facilitate customer loyalty with a CRM . Capturing a new customer is a goal for any sales manager, but getting them to make recurring and growing purchases over time is also essential.

How to achieve customer loyalty with the use of a CRM?

  • The first key is to have up-to- date information on each individual client . A modern CRM will facilitate the process by recording all the history of interactions with it: sales by product, rates, incidents, offers presented… This information will be essential so that the sales team can better serve that particular customer and offer products or services that fit your needs.
  • The second reflection is to provide good customer service . Current CRMs incorporate functionalities that automate customer service so that the response to incidents is fast and effective. Let’s not forget that a happy customer is a loyal customer. Service and support tasks are an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity.
  • Finally, design a personalized loyalty strategy for each client based on the delivery of valuable content , through the automation of marketing , such as reports, webinars , or training, which will increase the link between clients and the company.

    In short, the use of CRM in commercial and sales departments allows those responsible to:

    • A more exhaustive knowledge of each client (current or potential), their profile and behavior .
    • Generate multi- channel recruitment and loyalty campaigns more adapted to each customer niche, with the possibility of automating them following the customer journey.
    • Have a more agile and effective customer service .

If you want to know more about the capabilities and functionalities of a modern CRM that can be adapted to each type of company, we invite you to get to know Dynamics 365 for Sales , Dynamics 365 for Customer Service or Dynamics 365 for Marketing and take a guided tour to get to know it in a better way. more sight.

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You’ll streamline the work of sales teams with a sales force automation (SFA) solution that works with tools you already use, like Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint or Teams .

  • Enable teams to easily collaborate , work on up-to-date information wherever they are, and close deals faster using real-time collaboration with colleagues and clients.
  • Strengthen customer relationships with personalized interactions tailored to their needs.
  • Visualize the customer organization and gain clarity on contact relationships using interactive organizational charts.
  • Gain greater visibility into your sales performance with informative dashboards and reports.

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