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12 things to know about Bernese mountain dogs

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12 things to know about Bernese mountain dogs

A perfect balance of robust and cuddly Bernese mountain dogs are tough, but, they’re also big softies. For today’s posts, we’ll talk about 12 things to know about Bernese mountain dogs.

Hailing from Switzerland, Bernese mountain dogs are believed to come from Mullis or dogs that were brought to Europe by Romans.

Originally used as farm dogs, this breed was used by swiss farmers to protect and herd cattle as well as to pull milk carts from their farm to the market.

Today, Bernese mountain dogs are giant and loving companions, hard-working and affectionate.

These dogs are a pleasure to have in any family who knows how to take care of them properly

As mentioned earlier, for today’s post we’ll focus on 12 things to know about Bernese mountain dogs.

so without further ado let’s begin.

1. Bernese mountain dogs take a longer time to mature

12 things to know about Bernese mountain dog

If you ever wanted a dog that takes quite a while to grow up then you’re on the right track.

Bernese are large dogs, but they mature more slowly than other dog breeds which means that they may display puppy behaviors much longer compared to other dogs and there’s nothing wrong with it.

However keep in mind that while Bernese puppy will be adorably huggable, their high energy levels mean that you can tire out easily

These dogs need moderate to intense exercise every day which means that they are best suited for families who can keep up with their energy

2. Bernese mountain dogs are alert and good-natured dogs

A properly raised Bernese should be vigilant, self-confident, and good-natured. They should never be shy or aggressive.

Although it is natural for them to be aloof and reserved toward strangers because they are heavy dogs.

It could be a huge problem if a Bernese is not raised properly, for this reason, proper training and early socialization are vital for them to grow into responsible and well-behaved dogs.

While they are still puppies, expose them to different sites, sounds, environments, experiences people, and animals. In order to boost their self-confidence, making them easy-going and fully matured adults.

3. Bernese mountain dogs are smart and loyal dogs

While it seems like they are immature dogs who can’t be serious about their work Bernese are actually devoted intelligent dogs.

They may goof off and have fun most of the time but never forget that these dogs were originally bred to protect, therefore while you may see them chilling.

These dogs are actually trying to keep an eye on things making sure that they are fully aware of what’s going on around them.

4. Children are safe around Bernese mountain dogs

Bernese mountain dog owners who live in a home with children know how safe their children can be around these gentle giants.

Despite being huge in size Bernese is extremely friendly, loving, and patient. For this reason, Bernese makes great companions and babysitters for children.

However, it is still best to supervise any interaction between a child and a dog regardless of the breed.

It is just as important to let children know how to properly play with dogs, let them know that ear and tail pulling is never acceptable.

5. Bernie’s mountain dogs love the outdoors

12 things to know about Bernese mountain dog

True to their nature Bernese thrives in a family where they’re allowed to spend most of their time outdoors

A dog with high energy and great endurance. Bernese is a great companion for hiking, running, and other intense activities.

You can also start training early so you can give them a job to do. If you can’t keep their mind and body busy,

Bernese may become bored which can lead to the development of destructive behaviors including excessive barking, chewing, scratching, and digging.

6. Bernese mountain dogs have super soft paws

It’s hard not to look at this breed’s unbelievably soft and luscious paws, this is because Bernese has big paws that are covered in silky soft fur.

You just can’t resist holding their paws while you lay with them on the couch on lazy afternoons.

So far, what are your thoughts about these gentle giants which one of these things can you relate to the most?

let us know in the comments section later on for now we’ll talk about some more things about Bernese mountain dogs that will make you love them even more so let’s continue

7 Bernese mountain dogs are versatile farm dogs

As mentioned earlier Bernese was originally developed to guard farms, herd cattle, and pulled milk carts which made them all-around farm dogs.

Today they are still tough and sturdy dogs who are eligible to compete in the American kennel club, herding events where they can showcase their strong working instincts.

8. Bernese mountain dogs need a moderate amount of grooming

Bernese Mountain Dog Nature - Free photo on Pixabay

Bernese mountain dogs have a thick moderately long coat that is either straight or slightly wavy.

These dogs shed all year round but they blow their coats twice a year specifically in spring and fall.

Bernese owners brush their dogs once or twice a week to keep their pet’s hair shiny and clean

when it comes to bathing, these dogs will need to be bathed every one or two months usually depending on your dog’s activity level.

Other grooming needs include trimming nails once it gets too long, brushing their teeth as frequently as you can, and checking their ears for redness, inflammation, rashes, or any signs of infection.

9. Bernese mountain dogs have some health issues

Because of their small genetic foundation, there are certain health issues that Bernese owners need to watch out for.

According to British and North American surveys, almost half of the total population of Bernese develops cancer like other large dog breeds.

Bernese has a shorter than average lifespan of only about six to eight years.

During their lifetime they may suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, mast cell tumors, and gastric torsion.

To ensure that your dog is healthy make sure that they get to visit the veterinarian about once or twice a year

10. Bernese mountain dogs have a striking smile that is sure to make your day a whole lot better

Free photo Animal Cute Dog Puppy She Bernese Slašnický - Max Pixel

Whenever you feel down just by looking at these dogs beaming smiles will make you feel better.

This is because Bernese is a fun-loving dog that shares its happiness with everyone in the family, however, keep in mind that a dog will only be happy if its needs are met.

Bernese are cuddly dogs who thrive in the presence of their humans, meet their daily exercise needs along with a proper diet and you’ll have a dog that is both strong and loving at the same time.

11. Bernese mountain dogs are very strong dogs

Since they were originally used to pull carts and wagons, it is no doubt that Bernese is an extremely strong dog in fact they can haul up to 1 000 pounds which are 10 times their own weight.

With proper training, Bernese can be very helpful in your daily chores

12. Bernese mountain dogs have a great sense of humor

Not only are these floppy dogs strong but they also enjoy making their owners laugh if they did a particular action that made their owners laugh.

These dogs are sure to repeat the action, surely there are no sad days with this dog in your house.

In the end, while Bernese mountain dogs do not live as long as other dog breeds, they are sure to make every moment you spend with them memorable and worthwhile.

However, if you don’t think you can handle the responsibility of owning one of these dogs you should at least take time to get to know one of them and your life will be changed for the better

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