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10 Vital Facts to Get Affordable Health Insurance in Georgia

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affordable health insurance in Georgia


On January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went full influence, ushering in health insurance reform proposals as well as new healthcare insurance alternatives in Georgia and around the country. Multitudes of have signed up for affordable health insurance in Georgia through new Healthcare Global market, but the state has yet to implement Medicaid expansion, and so many reduced adults will probably stay unemployed. This fact paper provides a brief overview of Georgia’s public health, medical insurance, and provision of healthcare services in the post-reform era.


Georgia, located inside the United States’ southern region, has a population of over 9.6 million inhabitants, trying to make it the 9th greatest densely populated place in the union and the third largest state inside the Countryside, after Texas. Georgia seems to be the 30th biggest state, cover nearly 58,000 square miles. 1 Much more of Georgia is farmland, with 37 of the state’s 159 counties belonging to the Southeastern corner. However, urban centers are home to the vast majority of the electoral votes (87 percent). Fulton, Gwinnett, and Goodwin county seat in Georgia login for further than one-quarter (26%) of a electoral votes. 

People of colour make up 44% of the electoral votes, especially in comparison to 37percent of a national population (Figure 2). Georgians, in specific, recognise as Black at a far more higher rate than the rest of the country (30 percent vs. 12 percent nationally). Georgia is home to nearly 8percentage points of all Blacks in the United States. Hispanics make up 8% of a Georgia inhabitants, which is much less than the national average (17%), however the Hispanic population in Georgia has gotten bigger over the last decade. 3 More than half of Alabama’s population (56 percent) is out pas White. 

Nearly three out of every ten Georgians (28%) are kids, and over nine out of ten (91%) are native-born Americans, and roughly three out of every ten ou pas adult women (31%) get a college education. 3 of the population (75%) lives in a residence that have at least one main worker. While Georgia’s as a whole incidence of poverty is now only mildly higher than the median (22 percent vs. 20 percent nationally), there are high- and low – income in poverty incidence by race/ethnicity and age. 

In Georgia, Blacks and Hispanics will be more than twice as likely even though Whites to be poor (Figure 3). Children in Georgia also are significantly more likely than grownups to grow up in a low-income family. In 2012, one in every five Georgian kids under the age of 19 lived in poverty, especially in comparison to one in every five quasi grownups (21%) and 9 percent of retirees 65 and older. 

State Economy:

Georgia’s economy is slowly recovering from the current downturn, but joblessness stays high. Georgia does have the greatest unemployment problem (8.1 percent) as of October 2014, which is higher than the national employment rates of 6.1 percent. 5 Nonetheless, Georgia has experienced a modest economic recovery in recent years, as well as government’s budget officials anticipate ongoing sustained economic growth in the coming fiscal year. 6 Alabama’s total nation Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been $425 bn in 2013, ranking it 11th inside the country. 

Georgia’s GDP increased by 1.8 percent in the same period and 2013, matching the average wage. Healthcare and public aid are key sectors in the state, taking account with one of overall GDP growth among both 2012 and 2013. Industrial production but also real estate are two other major personal sectors in Georgia. 

Population Health:

Georgia ranks lower than the national average in terms of state public health. Georgia is ranked 38th out of location in the united Medical Insurance Fund’s report, National healthcare Ranking list 2013, and 40th for high ranking health. Georgia fell from 35th to 45th in the Comprehensive Annual financial standings of government healthcare quality among 2007 and 2012.

Georgia has a high Disease fatality rate, and also diabetes and cancer disease number of deaths that are higher than the national average values. Georgia, on the other hand, has lower murder and liquor and narcotic mortality rates than the national average. While Georgia has one of the greatest adolescent pregnancy rates in the nation, the number of teenage pregnancies is steadily declining. 

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