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10 Use Cases of Text-To-Speech Solutions

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Text-To-Speech Solutions

With the evolution of technology, TTS solutions have also evolved. This trailblazing technology is helping various sectors and industries to extract information from texts through artificial speech or audio generation.

Diverse industrial sectors leverage this breakthrough innovation to convert written text to speech (voice). According to Meticulous Research reports, the global digital voice & speech technologies market will grow to 26.8 billion USD by 2025. It will bring a CAGR of 17.2 percent.

What is Text To Speech Voice solution?

Text To Speech Voice solution is an AI-powered technology and a digital assistance service that converts a human-readable language into audio or speech like a human voice with a proper accent. It will take text data as input and convert them into digital voice or audio data through a specially crafted AI & NLP algorithm. It has various use cases in modern applications like e-learning, advertisements, marketing, animated videos, financial institutions, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.

Use cases of Text To Speech (voice) solutions

Although Text To Speech Voice solution is at its early stage, various industries & enterprises from different sectors are embracing its potential for diverse purposes. Here is a list of use cases of TTS solutions.

  1. Tourism and travel: This industry is perennially trying to bring fluency while communicating with tourists from different locations. For tourism and travel agencies in India, harnessing the Indian language Text To Speech solutions can enable communication with diverse people across the nation without worrying about accent or language barriers.
  2. Word of mouth marketing: Brands & companies leverage new alternatives and means to consume content to gain more traction and enhance brand visibility. By implementing TTS solutions, brands can deliver word-of-mouth for their marketing campaign. They can draft the text in different national languages & feed the text to an Indian language Text To Speech converter to target audiences of various states.
  3. Protect us from eye strain: Many do not want to read online textbooks or novels because we face issues like eye strain or reading fatigue. That is where Text To Speech/voice solutions can solve the purpose. We can use such a solution & feed the text into that software. It will read aloud all the statements one-by-one in a human accent.
  1. Help to learn the kids: Through TTS solutions, kids can both hear & see letters, words, and other sentences. It provides them with multisensory experience & helps them better remember what they read. Such solutions also enable kids better recognize letters and clear their word pronunciation.
  1. TTS in advertising: Another use case of Text To Speech voice solution is advertising. Brands can write down the dialogs or ad scripts about new products or items and convert them into voice to deliver via social media, emails, or other platforms.
  1. Helps create audiobooks: We can use TTS solutions to convert e-books to audiobooks. If we use an Indian language Text To Speech converter, we can easily convert any book written in the Indian language to audiobooks.
  1. People with learning disabilities: The medical sector also uses TTS solutions to solve various problems. TTS Solutions empowers people with Dyslexia. It allows such patients to listen to written words converted by this AI-powered solution.
  1. Solve visual impairments: Another use case of TTS solutions is when people with visual impairments or complete disabilities want to read and learn; TTS solutions can convert readable texts to voice or audio.
  1. Better localization: Through TTS solutions, brands and companies can better connect with local people because such solutions can convert different local languages to voices with the local accent.
  1. Animation and dubbing: TTS solutions can help create a voice for animated videos. We can also use this solution to make dubs of movie dialogs in different languages.


We hope this article has given a clear idea of the various use cases of Text To Speech voice solutions across diverse industries/sectors. If you wish to leverage the AI-powered potential of the (Indian language) Text To Speech (TTS) software, tap Knowlarity.

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