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10 Real YouTube Video Promotion Strategies

by Debanjan
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Every month, a billion people search, watch, and discover on YouTube. You need to grab viewers’ attention if you want to get as many people to watch your films.

These 10 creative methods will help you market your YouTube videos. And with these methods you can do real YouTube Video Promotion:

  1. Improve your YouTube videos.

SEO is the guiding principle for promoting YouTube videos. Search engine optimization techniques raise a video’s visibility and search rankings. Try these SEO tactics to rank on Google’s front page:

Give the title of the displayed video file the same name as your uploaded video.

-Conduct a search for the most popular search terms to provide YouTube results on Google. Target these keywords in your article.

-Add relevant keywords to your video’s title to improve it.

-Utilize these tricks while writing a lengthy video description.

-Add relevant keywords and phrases to your video tags.

  1. Use captivating thumbnails to successfully promote YouTube videos

What book covers are to books, thumbnails are to YouTube videos. The audience may choose to watch your new Taylor Swift cover for the first time or repeatedly watch “What Does The Fox Say” based on the thumbnail image. Use thumbnail pictures that accurately convey the subject matter of your film. Act as if your video is the upcoming big-budget Hollywood production. 

  1. Work alongside other YouTubers

One star is not as bright as two! You may increase your YouTube viewership by making collaborative videos. These initiatives aid video producers in finding new markets and raise the profile of each individual channel. There are a countless number of ways to work with other YouTubers. Choose a look that will work best for your group.

  1. Request blog sharing of your video

Many people rely on blogs for information on everything from new recipes to music recommendations to fashion advice. This is why contacting bloggers is a great way to promote your YouTube videos. You can split the promotion between you and the bloggers by asking them to embed your video in their blog entries. In order for your viewers to become their readers as well as their readers to become your viewers, make sure to link back to their postings in the descriptions of your videos or on social media.

To persuade bloggers to feature your video, use the following advice:

  • -Speak with bloggers who cover subjects relating to the substance of your videos.
  • -Provide bloggers with exclusive and original content.
  • -Create a friendly and individualised email pitch.
  • -Adhere to proper email protocol.


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  1. Enable embedding of your videos by viewers

More visibility for your films will result from enabling users to embed them on their websites, blogs, and social media profiles.

You must modify the parameters for your YouTube video in order to permit embedding. the Video Manager, please. Then select Edit next to a certain video. Go to the Advanced options tab next. Finally, select Allow embedding by checking the box.

  1. Share your YouTube videos with others.

Utilizing all of your web networks is cross-promotion. Your potential for video promotion will be maximised by taking advantage of all available channels.

Here are a few successful cross-promotional tactics:

  • -Incorporate YouTube video links into your website, blog, and social media profiles.
  • -Use a YouTube widget to point your current followers to your YouTube channel on your blog and website.
  • -Use pertinent, popular hashtags when posting links to your videos on social media.
  • Adopt promotion techniques for videos that are tailored to each individual platform.
  1. Create playlists on YouTube

Playlists are one of the best techniques for increasing watch time, which is a crucial ranking element on YouTube. You may utilise playlists to engage viewers and improve your videos’ search rankings since they let users watch multiple videos at once.

  1. Share YouTube videos on websites for social bookmarking

Websites for social bookmarking are useful resources for promoting YouTube videos. Users looking for interesting content are swarming websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. Posting your video with appropriate hashtags can help it rank higher.

  1. Take part in forums and conversations

Participate in internet forums where people talk about the subjects covered in your YouTube videos. In order to increase visibility, you can add links to your YouTube videos on pertinent discussion topics below. A particularly effective technique to promote specialised video themes is through forums.

For instance, a forum for makeup reviews is the perfect place to publish your links if you often upload video reviews of beauty goods. Find forums for followers of musicians you admire if your channel incorporates videos of your country music. Increase your exposure and attract devoted viewers to your channel by including your videos in discussions with others who share your viewpoints.

  1. Use email to advertise your movies

One quick and simple way to promote videos is through email marketing. Every time you upload a new video, send your subscribers an email. To get immediate hits and views, provide a succinct video description and a high-resolution thumbnail. For your subscribers, you should also make an email newsletter.

Your most recent blog pieces, interviews, or other unique content might be linked in such a newsletter. Include a link to your YouTube channel in your message.

 At every minute 400 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube. To stay ahead of the competition, use these YouTube video advertising techniques.


To do YouTube marketing you need to apply. Then you can see the magic of these tips. But to enable the magic you have to swing the magic wand i.e. applying these tips. Because you know digital marketing is a very dynamic field and very practical so if you don’t do it for yourself you can’t expect to get the traffic and do real YouTube video promotion. 

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