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10 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks from Top Brands

by Bilal Ahmed Siddiqui
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Digital marketing is the use of internet to establish your brand identity globally. Be it the social media platforms, website or email marketing, the strategy not only helps trace potential customers, but also targets them with customized deals and turns them into loyal consumer.

However, there are tips and strategies that help businesses make the most of digital marketing few of which are mentioned below,

An Amalgamation of SEO and Content Marketing Works Best

If you think you need only SEO or content to excel at digital marketing then think again because you would be wrong. Combining SEO and content together would make for the ultimate duo that will level up your marketing game. Since SEO can be summarized as a bunch of keywords and code, it alone cannot spread the word. Similarly, only content that consists of text, visuals, and images won’t do the job as well.

However, when you optimize the content with appropriate and relevant keywords and take the help from engaging text and images, that is when you can increase your organic traffic. Together the two organic tools increase the chances of your brand ranking higher on the search engine, and consequently, reaching out to your potential market.

When it comes to content, there are two things you should consider:

More content

Even if you are a staunch believer of quality over quantity, you have to manage both when it comes to digital marketing. Since many businesses are employing the use of SEO and content, the competition is increasing. Therefore, it is better to post enough to remain at the top of the game, rather than sinking at the bottom. Moreover, a study by HubSpot shows that in order to maintain your ROI, it is better to publish every week.

Quality content

Even if you’re supposed to publish every week, it doesn’t mean your content shouldn’t be relevant. It is important to post original, appropriate, and engaging information that not only intrigues the audience but also provides them the answer to what they were looking for.

Create a Strong Social Media Existence

If there’s something the pandemic has taught businesses, irrespective of how big they are, it is the importance of a strong online brand existence. However, it is crucial to maintain a social media relevance as well. Start off gauging which social media platform holds most of your target customers and build an identity there. In this way, you do not spend extra resources and still manage to create awareness for your prospective customers.

Go Mobile-Friendly

You may create a visually appealing website and a robust social media presence, but it may all be in vain if the user cannot access it via various devices. As a business owner, it is important to cater to the customer in every aspect; be it through your product or service, or with a thoroughly accessible platform.

Since people tend to spend most of their time on their cell phones, a mobile-friendly site will allow them to shop with ease. Consequently, the approach will convert most of the visitors into potential and then even into regular customers.

Employ Adequate Tools

For an effective campaign, every business need tools related to,

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Optimizing conversion
  • Lead enrichment
  • PPC
  • Graphic creation

Using these resources is a wise strategy as it assists in optimizing content, targeting audiences while acquiring insights of their conversion into customers, and analyzing their activity. Together, these tools help in establishing and running a business without any hassle.

OPT For Remarketing

Have you ever searched for something online and then found relevant items on Facebook Ad? It’s not something supernatural but instead a simple approach called remarketing. The strategy here is to make use of cookies on site to track what the previous visitors browse on the internet. Furthermore, it has been found that retargeted vistors are 43% more likely to make a purchase.

There are two ways to employ remarketing aka retargeting for digital marketing, and these are,

  • Using Google Ads
  • Facebook’s Custom Audience

Work on Personalized Email List

Did you know that email top marketing agency allows businesses to earn $44 on every $1 spent? However, there’s a right strategy to make the said return of investment (ROI). Apart from being promotional, the following are some Email strategies that boost ROI,

  • Sending a “welcoming” email to new subscribers or visitors have shown an increase of 82% in opening rates
  • Sending “reminder” emails for abandoned carts once or thrice has shown 69% increase in orders

However, the cheapest and most effective email strategy is to send personalized emails to visitors. When you address the customer by their first name or send customized deals that match their past search intent, you are expected to generate six times greater transaction rates than generic emails.

OPT For Flexible Digital Advertising

Digital advertising includes:

  • Pay-per-click Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok.

While this contextual content promotion is a vital strategy to convert leads, it may yield no result if it is not flexible. Flexibility here refers to the use of digital marketing at relevant platforms.

For instance, if your target audience is teenagers or young adults, it is viable to advertise on Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a better option if you cater to adults. When you know where most of your target audience exists, you’ll earn more by spending fewer resources.

Put Infographics To Use

Everyone wants viable information, but no one wants to read across hundreds of words to get the message. Here’s where we put infographics to use. Infographic is a feasible strategy to provide information in a precise and engaging manner so that it resonates with the audience.

Keep An Eye on Analytics and Competitors

Here’s one useful marketing tip that will help you maintain a stronghold on your business – keep an eye on your analytics and competitors. You can use Google Analytics to see how well your digital marketing statistics are working. It provides you an insight into how many people visit the website and convert into buyers.

However, another wise approach is to see how your competitors are doing. You can employ those marketing tactics that are providing the benefit, as well as see where they are lacking, and then customize a strategy that will up your game.

Work on Blogs

If you wish to provide engaging, useful information to the audience, opt for blogs. The approach tells the visitor more about your brand and the product or service that you render. However, if you think a concise 500-700 blog would be ideal, you might have to think again. According to a study, long, detailed blogs have shown 9 times higher success rates than short, precise blogs.


The tips discussed in the article won’t be effective if you don’t have the right minds to implement it. Hence, the best digital agency – Digital Auxilius will provide you a proficient team that will help you create a brand existence that not only resonates with the audience, but also converts them into potential and lifelong customers.

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