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10 Best Online Games for PC You Can Play

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Online games are great because you can play them on your brand new gaming PC or even your old PC. So, if you have been looking for the best online play free games for pc, you have come to the right place. Yes, we bring you our list of the best online games you can play on your PC right away and we are including both free as well as paid games, so even if you don’t want to shell out some dollars for gaming, it’s fine. Well, without any further ado, here are the 30 best online games for PC you can play in 2022.

Online games are incredible on the grounds that you can play them on your fresh out of the new gaming PC or even your old PC. In this way, assuming you have been searching for the best play free online games for PC, you have come to the ideal locations. Indeed, we present to you our rundown of the best internet games you can play on your PC immediately and we are including both free as well as paid games, so regardless of whether you need to dish out certain dollars for gaming, it’s fine. Indeed, with next to no further ado, here are the 30 best play free online games for PC you can play in 2022.

Best play free online games in 2022

In this bog, we have listed all the best online games for PC in 2022. You can check the list and play these games by using the table of contents below.


When it was published in June 2020, Riot Games’ tactical first-person 5v5 shooter became an instant smash. Despite certain similarities to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game is still worth playing because it has heroes that can be used in Unranked, Spike Rush, and Deathmatch.

The abundance of weapon skins and agents that can be unlocked during the game encourages players to remain around and face fierce competition from other players. Having said that, you have the choice to spend Valorant Points to bypass the line, get access to agents, and get sparkling skins.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov pretty much ensures everything from adrenaline rushes to the sinking sense that someone is following you while you try to, well, escape from the map if you’re searching for a genuinely hard online play free games for pc. Even while you may have a lot of fun playing the game by yourself, especially if you take the time to become familiar with its intricacies, playing with others is far more enjoyable.

Escape from Tarkov is a thrilling online role-playing game and simulator with some MMO characteristics. Although the game hasn’t officially been launched yet, you may participate in a closed beta by pre-ordering it, which is essentially the same as purchasing and enjoying the game. In any case, if you watch game broadcasters on Twitch and YouTube, you’ve probably already seen this game in action because the majority of them were really into Escape from Tarkov.


The biggest and most well-known battle royale game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short. There are many games that are similar to PUBG, but it has remained at the top because it has fantastic gameplay features that are very addicting and because it is one of the best PC games you can play free online game right now. The only gameplay in this game is a massively multiplayer survival mode. You must start looking for treasure after becoming shipwrecked on a vast island.

This covers everything like clothing, housing, and weaponry. On the island, you may establish alliances, but be aware that anybody might murder you and take your resources. So, start killing those who aren’t nice to you while you roam the area looking for stuff. In this thrilling world, survival is everything.


Call of Duty: Warzone is the battle royale online play free games for pc that you should check out if you enjoy playing these kinds of games. It features a play-style that is consistent with what you would anticipate from Call of Duty games as a CoD release. There are several weapons available, and the gameplay is typical of battle royale games. To be the last person (or team) standing, drop in, loot up, and take out all of your adversaries.

Warzone is an appealing choice for those wishing to play free online games on their computers without spending a dollar because it is a free-to-play battle royale  game for PCs. Having said that, you may spend money on cosmetics and purchase a season pass to get incentives for accomplishing tasks.


Fortnite is a huge survival game with a fantastic battle royale mode that you can online play free games for pc. Fortnite is unquestionably the finest multiplayer PC game if you enjoy battle royales and want to play with others in a huge open environment where everyone is eager to get each other. Colorful characters abound in Fortnite, which also features great action that is pretty extravagant.

You may also engage in the Players vs. Environment mode, where you can join up with other players to battle artificially intelligent foes. It’s like the gameplay of survival games like PUBG and resource collection in titles like Minecraft combined perfectly. Fortnite is undoubtedly the best option if you want to play a jovial cooperative survival game.


The top first-person shooters of recent times. With its dazzling gameplay and vibrant graphics, Overwatch attracted the attention of millions of gamers worldwide very quickly. Every character in the game has a fascinating and in-depth background that explains why they are acting the way they are.

Overwatch is a fantastic shooter and MOBA hybrid that combines the greatest elements of both genres. You get the fast-paced gameplay of a shooter combined with MOBA aspects where you may use strong heroics and a variety of skills to defeat your foes.

Your purpose in a 5v5 encounter is to eliminate every opponent and finish the game’s essential task. It’s a shooter that moves quickly and is unquestionably worthwhile.

DoTA 2

One more of the most online play free games for pc right now. One of the most well-known MOBAs is DoTA 2, the follow-up to the well-liked DoTA mod for Warcraft 3. DoTA 2 features a complicated strategic gameplay that may be too difficult for novices to understand, but the game also includes in-game tutorials and guidelines to assist new players.

In a straightforward MOBA, you compete against another team of five people. The basic goal is to eliminate the Ancient of the opposing team. But it’s simpler said than done. To even have a chance of winning, team-based moves and techniques must be used. Try out DoTA 2 for free at all.


One of the most played first-person shooter games on PC is Counter Strike. Back then, it began as a mod for Half-Life but rapidly expanded to the point where it could stand alone as a game. The current version of the game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, has a sizable fan base. This game is fiercely competitive, and a huge eSports culture supports it. You can choose to join the terrorists or the counter-terrorists in the conventional shooter Counter Strike: GO.

The CT must attempt to either neutralise the placed bomb or prevent the terrorists from placing it since the terrorists have a device that they must install in any of the precise spots shown on the map. It’s a contest of cunning, strategy, and lightning-quick aim. While the game is now free to play, if you’re interested in playing competitive games, you should buy the premier status to be paired with people that don’t hack and are, ideally, not toxic.

Rocket League

When you combine a thrilling racing game with some soccer, you get an exhilarating game that appeals to lovers of both sports. Rocket League is a thrilling, addicting, and enjoyable game. You get to take on players from across the world in a team with one or two other gamers.

Additionally, you may take part in split-screen multiplayer games with a friend and take advantage of the split-screen option when playing online game. In this thrilling game, you may customise your little toy vehicles and do some amazing, physics-defying feats. Take on the world in Rocket League by scoring some screamers.

Destiny 2

Due to its amazing plot and usage of mythological science fiction, Destiny 2 is hailed as one of the finest play free online games in recent memory. It was released in 2017 and is currently one of the most popular games on Google Stadia and Steam. Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) are the two types of gameplay in the game (PvP).

You may play the online multiplayer game with your buddies in a group of 22, 33, or even 66 in PvP mode. The game’s story takes place in an extra-terrestrial environment where Cabal troops of the Red Legion attack the Last City from the air. The attack is in retaliation for the SIVA incident that happened a year ago.

In addition, you may play Destiny 2 with other online players in the PvE mode. This mode is essentially a first-person shooting game in which you have to take on a role and aid the Vanguard as they approach the Red Legion ship. In-game chat allows you to interact with other players in real-time while still playing the game. In conclusion, Destiny 2 comes highly recommended if you’re seeking for an online play free games for pc that offers an exciting plot, character development, and stunning graphics.

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