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06 Massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPGs )games

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Following are the best 06 Massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPGs )games


Those who got the same type of Korean online games, Black Desert will pleasantly surprise. Firstly, everything here looks completely different from what we are used to in Korean projects. Secondly, there are really a huge number of activities: if you want, do quests, explore the world, look for treasures , beat bosses, if you’re tired – sit down to go fishing, brew your own beer, look at real estate to your liking, and if you want to play bad boy – rob someone. And all this in addition to the main line, the siege of fortresses and PvP.

The world pleases with realism. NPCs don’t just stand pointlessly in their designated places all day, but go about their business, close shops at night and go to bed like all normal people. The geography is well thought out, there are no deserts bordering coniferous forests and other nonsense that representatives of the genre sometimes sin with.



The action takes place in Arborea – a world divided into two continents: Shara and Arun. Definite pluses of TERA are in a relatively wide choice of races and classes, from a classic mage with a whole set of spells to an engineer with various sci-fi features, interesting story quests, server stability, a huge colorful and open world . The disadvantages are the lack of motivation for PvP and the excessive frankness of the characters’ attire.



Our top of the best online games in the MMORPG genre is continued by the Korean project Blade and Soul , which captivated gamers with chic graphics . The style of the game is similar to manga: the female characters here are too sexy, and the male characters are either too cute and look like girls, or play with unrealistically huge muscles. B&S has four races and nine classes with radically different combat tactics. The battles use a convenient auto-target system, and thanks to combo attacks, the battles are much more dynamic than we are used to seeing in MMORPGs.

Leveling a character is a little different from the classics of the genre: the hero completes quests, gains experience, and develops skills. The only difference is that changing the build will not hit your pocket so hard. Quests cannot be call original, you can not read them at all, but immediately run in a given direction. Only weapons and accessories affect the character’s abilities, and armor is needed, in fact, just for beauty.

Blade and Soul is not innovative, but the project is undoubtedly of high quality and deserves MMORPGs attention.



ArcheAge is love and praised by many. Let’s figure out why.

Once in the starting location, you catch yourself thinking: “another boring tutorial with grind quests that will haunt you to the end.” In fact, the training line is intend only for adaptation to the world, then everything will become more interesting.

The world of ArcheAge is really huge, beautiful and diverse. There are four playable races. All of them are humanoid and do not differ much from each other in appearance, except for the ferret – a kind of bizarre mixture of a person and a cat . Even when creating a character, detail appearance settings are open. There are six specializations available at the start. But this does not mean that the destiny of a warrior is only in brandishing a sword, and the magician is doom to throw fireballs. Specializations can be mix, making hybrids, combining different useful skills.
In addition to the expect classic MMORPG elements, there are some very unexpect ones. For example, you can cross the sea on your own ship , get a living space, and do gardening at your leisure. So you won’t be bore.

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An MMO set in the Star Trek universe simply could not fail to appear. And so, in February 2010, the fans rejoiced, because now they could become part of their favorite saga.

So, on the earthly calendar, the year is 2411. The Romulan Empire no longer threatens anyone, the Klingon Empire is at war with the Federation, the Alpha Quadrant is trying to recover from its battles with the Dominion, and Starfleet Academy is growing in popularity of 3d racing games unblocked.

Do not expect that dreams of becoming the captain of a ship with your own crew will immediately become a reality, you will have to start as a green officer. But after completing the training mission, you will be recognize as a hero, and you will be able to go in search of adventure, fight in space and on planets.

There is no client in Russian, so you have to improve your English. However, you can do it right in the game.


Secret World Legends is a continuation of the popular Norwegian project. For those who are tire of fantasy worlds with elves and orcs , the game will become an outlet. The modern world, with its technology and urban landscapes, is intertwine with magic and mysterious forces.

One of three factions based in New York , London and Seoul can be play. There is a choice of nine classes MMORPGs using different types of weapons. After completing the training, the selected faction will begin to send you on missions to different parts of the planet. The pride of Secret World is investigation quests. These are ingenious puzzles , for the solution of which you will have to use your brains well.

Secret World Legends has switched to a free to play racing games unblocked MMORPGs model, so you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable dark atmosphere without any investment. True, there is only an English version of the client.


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